O my Word!!!

My blog is worth $1,693.62.
How much is your blog worth?

Yoh guys who would think me typing shit could actually be worth something...interesting notion aint it! :)

5 Tattooed my Soul:

!Joe! said...

Wow, you're a whole $1129,08 richer than me!!! :) Yeah, apparently livejournal counts for crap...but hey, I'm rich in friends and family and life!

Ok, so I feel swak about my cheap journal.

Zahira said...

oi Joe you have me what else you need hehehe
But I seriously wonder how they work this out any ideas?

M Junaid said...

its a purely scientific method, thats foolproof and highly accurate ( i'm only saying this because my blog is worth more than you guys :P) well- actually - i guess it has nothing to do with content, because in that case - my blog will be worth shit

masood said...

doesnt surprise me..expensive shit used to be am oxymoron, now shit CAN really have value!

Zahira said...

Hmmm shit having value mmmm wonder how much i can crap out

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