Anyone who has read my posts will know that I have a mad obsession with words and pictures (yes admit it I will). But this same obsession has finally gotten me into trouble of sorts...or rather a miscommunication and mis-understanding. Not something that I would have thought would be my doing. Yet it was and a lot of talking was needed to resolve the matter.

O where is my head I have not mentioned the conflict that my love for words has put me in. the little incident revolves around the status message space on Gtlk. My love for words has mad this place an exciting view into my arb insights. They range from quotes to words I've read somewhere and loved as well as binary coding -- guys you should check out this site that converts anything you want into binary, way easier then doing it yourself like back in school.
So I placed a few words there that some person had written and it was not a famous person so googling the words were of no use. A friend reads it and well then there is that little break down in communication and understanding. It was blown out of context and well made me wonder if people in fact saw me as a fragile individual who needed to be looked after and who constantly throws mixed signals to her friends? Hmmmm maybe I am in need of looking after but I seriously would never send mix signals unless I have no idea that I am.

The whole idea of what we write not necessarily being your own work seems to slip by people and then again what we do in life echoes in our words and pictures and who we are...what a mish mash of different communications skills can do to you. Must make it difficult for a president/spokesperson. They would constantly have to watch what they say, write and do...very similar to a celebrity in ways then as well.
Now that I have learnt my lesson in future I maybe a bit more reserved in what i just copy into my status message.

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5 Tattooed my Soul:

irshaad said...

i've always had that problem.... and ive always been the cursed spokesperson

gotten me into loads of trouble, but then again made me wiser..

i think its a fascinating challenge - to say something really forceful in other more subdued terms, and still have the same effect..

aksn1p3r said...

I do not analyze status messages unless it conflicts personally.

There are factors to consider, as you mentioned with a president's speech. Same goes for exhibiting an individual level of professionalism... wherever your mark is left.

Keep it simple yet factual, without conflict of interest.

This is the first time I read about a quote that has been cited by an individual and has been used to judge that individual.

Anonymous said...

I've gotten into plenty of trouble because of stupid MSN / Gtalk msgs.

So now I try not to have them as people tend to take them too literally and really, if I was angry, I would say so.

Sometimes, a quote is just there to think about, but it doesn't mean that a person is necessarily going through it.

Ta^KiLLa said...

LoL.. I aint gonna say something intellectual and deep like our 3 colleagues above.. but seriously, peopl DO believe the "zahira is online" and "zahira is away".. NEVER mess with defaults.. Ill leave u with some words of wisdom..


ZK said...

Irsh -> yes i know i spoke to you for comments lol
Ak -> chill on the poor person lol was taken out of context and you carrying on like you know what the comment was ;) lol
Fati->exactly mwah
Killa-> lol binary is that :P

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