Another long delay before time was given to writing this piece…

There have been various things happening over the last two months. We had Polokwane, Eid, Xmas and New Years. I had my holidays in between and boy was life eventful.

The usual mad rush at the end of the year is expected but throw in the curve ball of the ANC elections and they sure up the tempo. So Jacob Zuma is ANC president and he has been sentenced to a trail by the media till his court appearance in August, I’m sure all of this was as expected. Whether he is guilty, or not or even guilty by association we should honestly leave it to an unbiased court to decide. The ongoing media reports are sure influencing the majority of people in the country and the question will be how to we live with the situation if he is in fact not guilty? The way things are going in most of our heads we have already found him guilty…I wonder what the outcome of the court case will be.

Zuma may have his faults and may or may not be guilty of the fiasco of the arms deal but trying him before the public (through the media) even before his actual court date would be wrong on any part, especially by South Africans who seemingly believe in the justice system. If we wish to have any faith in the justice system we should leave it to them and investigators and judges and lawyers to play their part in the final act.

On another note has anyone any idea on what the actual policies discussed at the conference are and what part do they play in our future? These same policies will be the most important things we look at the next time we go to ‘make our mark’ in the national elections (in 2009). Most of us have no idea what was in fact discussed. The focus was mainly on the presidential race and now on Zuma and his problems. Personally I for one would like to know what economic stance the ANC will be following as well as what social developments and attitude to health will be.

Interestingly the US presidential hopefuls are in the midst of their elections. The focus greatly on the two Democrat candidates – Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Is this a suggestion that the tide has changed so much so that people want a Democrat even if they maybe black or a woman. (Is the US ready for such a change?) The republican hopefuls are also having their very same elections but all you see in the media are the Democrat hopefuls. Interestingly the same close race between the Democrats can be reflected in the republican elections, except they both men and white – one a pastor, the other an out of favour senator.

The policy decisions made by any future president of the most powerful nation in the world will undoubtedly play a major part in the rest of the world – are we, the world, ready to be ruled by a black man or a white woman?

In other news – yes I feel like reporting – it was good going home to the family for an extra long holiday. Eid was as amazing as ever. Slaughtering is an experience that always leaves me on another spiritual level. Sublime may be the word I’m looking for and no that does not make me want to see more blood, just the whole getting involved and knowing why you partaking -- is the ultimate.

Going home was the thing I needed the most. Jhb has left me feeling out of sorts and not me at all. The beach is what was needed with a good few days spent there lying in the sun and getting burnt (yes I’m Indian but I enjoy the heat and sun). The home fires were the usual as well…what with the usual sibling arguments and the parental conflicts (yes with me involved) nothing seemed to have changed – except me. Wonder if Jhb has finally caught up with me.

The feeling of being in limbo was a massive shock. Not knowing in which direction I was heading in Durban and being back in Jhb doesn’t seem to make a difference. Work keeps me busy but the lack of motivation or a reason is scary.

Mmmm maybe I just need to take life by the hand and lead it unto sunset…

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9 Tattooed my Soul:

bb_aisha said...

Yeah, the media should have been allowed in to the policy meeting. Obama's looking stronger than I expected. Who knows-America just might be ready for its first black president, but I think Clinton will win by a narrow edge.

It's part & parcel of life-leaving home to feel in limbo when back. We move on in some aspects of our lives, yet are forever binded by other ties. Just enjoy the new life-accept Jhb and you'll grow to like it.

Dreamlife said...

Jhb is just part of your life's day, you'll realise what it was supposed to teach you, and you'll appreciate the time you're there.

i had to be in Pretoria for over 4 months after varsity, and didn't like it at first, but look back on those days with fondness now - as emotionally difficult as they were at times.

and i had limbo too...Durban was original home; then Cape Town; then temporarily in Pretoria. but in Pta time, had a family holiday in Durban again, with everyone there, and missed it so much - being together again with everyone.

limbo is a hard place to be - but you'll gain good things from it, insha-Allah. just gotta focus on the right things...the important things. and be positive :)

Ta^KiLLa said...

U ppl are not serious.. Wht follow the US elections.. Theres better things to do.. Watch paint dry for example..

As for his honorary Mr Zuma.. Yes show respect to our future president.. Trial or no trial.. I honestly believe he's the right man to lead us and wont let us down.. As for the poliies in the meeting.. Who cares also.. As Muslims we should just make shukr that we can practise freedom of religion such as having loud azaan, and prayer facilities at most locations nationwide..

Jhb vs KZN.. No contest and all..

saaleha. bamjee. hyphen. said...

I don't think any global citizen should be fooled into a sense of complacency.
Yes, as South Africans, we have a constitution that is far above par than any other democracy's", however, scat and whirring fans share a natural affinity towards each other.
Be aware.
And I'm not saying the end is nigh.
Pro-activity over reactivity any day.

saaleha. bamjee. hyphen. said...

That comment was for Killer:)

Ta^KiLLa said...

So can democracy be defined as me killing someone that tries to hijack me and I stand on trial for murder..

Just a thought...

Seems more below par than above par to me.. Unless the country's regarded as par are Nigeria, Sierra Leone or Cameroon..

(so not cool to use ur roomies comment box for a "conversation"..
Tis like the facebook wall..

saaleha. bamjee. hyphen. said...

It's not a conversation per se, it's debate.
My comments on our democracy relate directly to the statement about freedom of religion and expression in South Africa.

Ta^KiLLa said...

And im just saying that people go on about Zuma like he's some tyrant..

An interperetation from a passage of THE GREAT BOOK says that a nation will get a ruler based on their OWN actions.. Basically someone who reflects who we truly are or have become..

I do agree that we are given much more freedom in many things esp with expression and religion.. But why not be content with that.. What more do we need..

Abhijeet said...

You write nicely, only thing is you need to be little regular and post often. It will be fun to read this blog then.

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