I'm not sure how exactly to start this post. Maybe a little advertising and marketing may be the key here. Here goes:

A very talented person who has been trained in the media field is looking for a future job. This individual will soon be at odds with the position she currently fills. She (yes, she it falls under the BEE policy) has come to the cross roads of her life once again. Apply to remain in the place that has trained her well in the last year or to broaden her horizon and see what the future may hold. Anyone knowing of anything in her areas of expertise please contact her. Thanks

Yah so I’m back at the cross roads of my existence and unfortunately unsure of what decision would be the right one. Hopefully the next week will open my eyes to what would be the best for me but ultimately I need to grow up and make a decision that would be in my best interest.

The positions that are available seem to be out of my depth but then again what is my depth? That question has been bugging me. What if it’s in fact perfect for me and my career and I’m just being stupid by bringing myself down. What I do know though is that these options are short on the things i love doing.

Reporting breaking news, and having time to write features, technology and gadgets as well as the internet is a passion. Social media is also my addiction but these positions are short on those aspects, which mean that I may be lost to the future of the growth of social media in South Africa. Something that I have a passion for, though I may not know the nitty grittys of it.

I love the work I do. The last two weeks showed me why I love it that much, and hate it at times as well. But that is only natural. A love – hate relationship is what most jobs are based on I guess. But discontent was never part of the jobs that I do.

Maybe I’m analysing this too deeply and I should just take what comes my way.

Hope I can do J

On another note I would love to thank my friends who came together to give what little and to help those who needed it more then ourselves. To those who pitched in and help put the cutest smiles on kids faces – a BIG BIG BIG thank you.

To those who leant their support at the camps --- an even BIGGER thank you goes to you.

Love you guys.


PS: I know that my Boss or future Boss most probably is reading this but hey at least you guys know what i feel...right???? Don't take it the wrong way though :) if you are please come and talk to me I promise I will explain better in person :)

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4 Tattooed my Soul:

MM said...

Its tough to job hop.. My advice to u is check within the firm u currently at and enquire if anything is available..

If not.. There are many options that a young,talented,driven individual like urself can explore..

Tech is tough to get into..Esp in SA due to very little exposure shown in it.. Another option is overseas.. Dubai/UK/US.. Thats LAST RESORT though..

As im sure u will be missed...

All the best..


M Junaid said...

what have you decided?

bb_aisha said...

is going overseas an option? sheesh, the BEE thing is tough though. i can send you job listings posted here if u want to work at sa's most laughed at media organisation currently (no mentioning of names-i like my job & don't want to get fired)

i'm also thinking of leaving at the end of the year. but it's because i have itchy feet. want to travel & work as a foreign correspondent & get into doccie making inshallah.

will make dua u land urself a great job

ZK said...

bibi overseas is def an option...i have the travel bug :)
MM thanks for all the help :)
Mj nothing decided as yet

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