Girly R&R Moment

Please indulge me in the rare occasion of a girly Rant and Rave (R&R). Yes to those who know me this is one of those rare moments but I'm in need of it so either carry on reading to know why....OR STOP....and FCUK OFF!!!

(urr i should be sorry about my vulgarity but I'm not so don't expect apologies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

So i finally like ended up washing my hair in the morning today rather then my usual in the night since its winter and i dnt believ in hair dryers well dats al gud and stuf except that it was bloody cold but the worse part was i finally found the hair dryer untangled the cords
and dryed my hair....

amazingly all this while not running that late for work

the point of this whole R&R is that my god damn hair finally set awesomely after like years and guess who went and put her scarf on after that *sigh*

Yes i should be glad that my holy islamic side is some what coming together...but seriously i'm a girl and the one in a million chance of our hair ever setting the way we want like...asking a guy never to scratch his balls.....

O the other thing i wanted to R&R about is the fact that pple should never ever have open plan offices!!!!
God forbid i drag the next person to irritate me by the hair and chuck him/her out of the 7th floor window

Yoh now i feel better after saying all that!!!!


*ME EVIL* __

PS: this is not a post suggesting that i will be back soon...i just needed to R&R...i will still be away until my mad deadlines are over....PLEASE PRAY FOR MY SALVATION

7 Tattooed my Soul:

Anonymous said...

Awwww.....I know what you mean...sigh..but the scarf is good :P

Open plan sucks :/ I know .. I've been in one :(

Anonymous said...


(what goes around / comes around)

t.a.z. said...

hehe... motivating!
i think i may make use of the hair dryer one of these days :P

bibi-aisha said...

I totally empathise

Anonymous said...

hehe, i hope your day is a beautiful one today :)

The Organ Harvester said...

come on let's see your hair. Oh wait maybe that's the reason for scarf hey?

Zahira said...

lol Fati -> yah scarf is good its actually stayin on a lot more these days but keep praying for my salvation...
Anon -> urr okay i hear jealousy and animosity shame poor child :P
Taz-> hairdryers wer never friendly to me lol go figure
BB-> girl you know it :D
Taqdeer-> my days are too crazy rite now to enjoy the beauty but thanks
and finally...
TOH-> were have you been lost hmmm my scarf is know as the convertible it goes up and den it goes down...and up again sigh sum days i dnt wear sum days i wear but its still my choice....

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