Mike Shinoda - LP...for the die hards who understand :)

" "It couldn't be more exciting to give you all new music, especially after all the hard work we put into it. This album was almost a year and a half of experiments, mistakes, inspiration, and careful craftsmanship. We put everything we had into these songs, and want you to hear every second of it. I can't wait for you to absorb all the levels of meaning in the songs, and the layers of music, eventually forming your own ideas about what the songs mean to you.

At the same time, a leak leaves out some very important parts of this piece of work. We put months of creative energy into the ART of the record, in the booklet, special edition, and big book...almost as long as it took to record hybrid theory (sic). The album has amazing photos, lyrics, and notes about how the songs came together--it's the visual half of the record. On the other hand, the super-special-edition book is packed with exclusive images, stories of the making of the songs, gorgeous art, the CD and a DVD that tells the story, showing the actual moments of inspiration caught on camera. For me, it's almost hard to imagine anyone really experiencing this album without that part of it.

Even the song sequence alone is very important. It's WAY different to hear the songs in a random order than to listen to this record from beginning to end. At the very least, if you've already downloaded the songs, do us a huge favor and listen to them in the right order...it'll be way more rewarding."

—Mike Shinoda

17 Tattooed my Soul:

Waseem said...

hmmm ... it seems mike shinoda is alot more accepting of the leak than other people less involved (i.e. the anonymous post)

Zahira said...

lol i'm supposed to edit and write everything i want in this post but no time lol
basically it was meant for my anon in the previous post who had issues...hey as waseem beat me to it you are you so worried anon :)

taqdeer said...

lolz, Shinoda is a slinky wizard ;)

Zahira said...

slinky def

mazozo said...

Hmmm not fair

Mike is Col He belives in the fredom of sfile sharing! even tho it will cost him some crown

Chester still rocks in my books tho

Zahira said...

lol wats not fair???
who says life is fair lol

Anonymous said...

I have returned :). and it seems that i have touched on a sensitive issue. I will remain anon because me being anon is not the issue here. dont drift from the main point. and the point is that even though YOU may be buying the cd and supporting the artist, you are distributing the link on your blog. what you should rather have done is talked about the album and the artists so that ppl can go out and buy it themselves.
You are encouraging fraud and copyright theft. I have included a link that i would like your fellow bloggers to go to. try taking the time and view it. Its what we all already know, but something we dont practice upon.

So when replying to my post, try not to dwell on the fact that im remaining anon. Its shows a lack of....ya.

Waseem said...

i dont consider downloading movies or music stealing. People are distibuting it for free, I am just making use of their service :). Maybe they stole it but I didnt.

If people want to stop piracy they need to start at the source and if they want to avoid piracy they need to be more affordable.

I appreciate your sentiment anon, but the world is not just black and white

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Waseem, when you say that prices should be more affordable. And knowing people in the music industry, i know that agents and the like are working on solutions. Cause lets face it, its damn easy to get any music that we want without having to pay a cent for it.

But at the same time, we have got to do our part. Honestly, would you accept an expensive watch from a person on the street who tells you that it is stolen? I doubt it...so why then with music?
The musicians are not getting the credit they deserve, because a successfull musician or album is measured by the number of sales.

I know i may be sounding all righteous and shit, but its just my view point.

Major_chip_hazard said...

Hmmmm Zahira you really into this LP thing nuh

Zahira said...

Anon -> your points are valid and taken note of...thanks :) and dude no hard feelings keep coming back lol

MCH -> lol not only into LP listen to many many many more it just so happens their stuf coming out on monday!!!yay!!!

Major_chip_hazard said...

Seems to me that your a gadget freak??So when you wanna go shopping:)

Zahira said...

lol total gadget freak...mmmm when you taking me shopping :)

Major_chip_hazard said...

When I rob the swiss bank

The K-man said...

If its free you take. Youdont ask questions and you dont hesitate. The web is the new ocean for pirates.

Major_chip_hazard said...

I take it back,whatever I said about the album,the new album rocks!!

Dreamlife said...

i'm gonna agree with anonymous here.

as much as you want to hear the stuff - illegal is illegal. there may be all kinds of reasons and justifications, which cause you to not see it as "black and white" - but the fact remains that when you take something from someone without their permission, its stealing. a 5 year old could tell you that.

the fact that that item is in digital format, and is intellectual property - rather than physical property - is something the 5 year old would have trouble grasping; but we're older than that, and we should be able to recognise that someone's work - be it a song or a movie - is still something that they produced; and is their intellectual property. (Intellectual property - defined in a simple form - is easy enough to understand. the link anonymous posted explains more about Copyright and Intellectual Property, in case you think the term is just some legal mumbo jumbo that you don't need to know about)

Waseem said "Maybe they stole it but I didnt."...and the 'stolen watch' response to that sums it up perfectly.

it doesn't matter who committed the initial crime - if you participate in the 'chain' of crime, even if its right at the end, you're part of the problem.

with piracy, many times people think its only the artist, or the label/studio that makes the money - and they are rich enough so it's no big deal to take from them.

As much as you think you're being a modern day Robin Hood of sorts (but, the selfish kind - since you're not giving to the poor, but taking it for yourself)...the fact is that there are many, many other people involved in the production, distribution and marketing and sales of music and movies. people who work behind the scenes; people who work long hours; people who have families to feed. Engineers, lighting people, stagehands...what you could call 'support' staff.

when you get it 'free' - instead of buying it the legal way, you're stealing from them too - from their families; from their income. and they certainly aren't living the lives of lavish pop or movie stars.

honestly, i think that many of us can afford a CD nowadays. R120 or so is not a lot, if its something you really want. alternatively, you can get just the songs u want on Musica Digital - R10 a song.

why do you need to do something illegal?

if you have lots and lots and lots of albums you want - of course it would be expensive to buy them all legally. but there, the problem is not 'overpriced' CDs.

the problem is that you want more than you can afford.

simple economics dictates that you can't have more than you can afford.

(unless, of course, you have a credit card or take out a loan - but thats a whole different story: credit cards allowing people to live beyond their means, falling into debt traps)

granted, in modern times, it is very easy to fall into greed for more, and materialism - but when you do fall into that, you need to find ways to support your addiction.

i call it that, because it can be that - like a drug. a drug user would steal money from people to buy drugs.

those who have an addiction for entertainment - but can't afford it - would use these illegal means to get it.

both ways, you're doing something wrong in order to feed an addiction.

Just because you CAN do something, that doesn't mean you SHOULD do it. we are responsible for all of our actions, our choices. and we will be called to account for each of these.

rather than going along with bandwagon mentality, or justifying to yourself why you're getting pirated stuff - just stop for a few minutes BEFORE you do it, and think whether this is something you *really* want to do. if this is a choice you *really* want to make - a decision you can live with in the long run, knowing you ARE accountable for it.

if, after seriously - and honestly - thinking about it, you decide you want to do it, then fine. you have free choice to do what you want.

its so easy to fall victim to the lure of instant gratification, and getting things free...but remember, it may appear to be 'free' right now - but there's always a price to pay.

so, choose wisely.

Zahira: maybe you were just so excited about the album, and didn't mean to be "encouraging fraud and copyright theft" - but you may want to reconsider whether you leave the links up. you could get into trouble for it - no matter how 'minor' you may think it is.

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