So the Spanish finally did it after a 44 year drought. I have to say though that they did definitely outplay the Germans though there were times of German brilliance and attack that left me wondering if the Spanish could keep there one goal score line in tack. I watched the final with Killa and I know it was hard on him to see his team go out like that. to read his full match report check it out on Swoosh0018. Though he will kill me for blogging this I had to share my excitement.

All in all i'm hoping that this some what young Spanish side will live to their full potential and grace us with their presence in 2010.


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3 Tattooed my Soul:

Ta^KiLLa said...

Hmmm lets see..

Previous flukes..

'92 - Denmark
'04 - Greece
'08 - Spain

I suppose this has become somewhat of a trend..

On zee night zee Germans didnt produce.. (hmmm.. i wonder what the betting market had to do in all this)..

Well at least we found a bril venue for future use..

ZK said...

I could not agree more...
a brill venue indeed for any future plans lol

Waseem said...

Spain was far from fluke, they were the form side of the tournament. Alot of people were backing them from the start.

ZK who were you backing at the start?

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