My Gorgeous flowers...
Lilys are one of my favourite flowers other then Orchids.
Thanks for them &^%

10 Tattooed my Soul:

Anonymous said...

Ah so sweet.
Did your bf give em to you.

SingleGuy said...

They're pretty flowers. I sent a similar bunch to someone whois a namesake of yours today, it her b-day, It may be a too big a surprise for her because I'm still waiting to hear from her.

SingleGuy said...

Scratch that. She just called me.

Legend Lives On said...

Wicked bunch.
Who they from huh huh huh.
Thats the real post u should be writing.
Come now dont keep us waiting.
Who is he ?
Is he hot huh ?

And erm... Why did u swear..
You say " Thanks for them &^%"

So not very cool.


Legend Lives On said...

And your site needs some serious revamp. Takes forever to load.

Slow loading pages should be treated like crackers in harlem.

ZK said...

Anon: nope a friend did :D

SG: they gorgeous flowers to give to anyone :) keep on giving them.

LLO: i asked for help and none was given now i have to learn to do it on my own which will take longer (KAK) but i will fix it up soon i hope :)

Legend Lives On said...

U didnt respond to my other questions !!!

ZK said...

hey LLo i am not swearing as you notice its three letters and not four :P
and if you still cannot read lol they from a friend :)
and its in appreciation and nothing more other then the fact that i love these flowers lol

sukku said...

Pretty lilies....

Anat Aderet said...

Thay are very nice!
I wish you all the best,

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