End of an era....

Hmmm i think I'm a bit off the mark on my heading there but let me get to the point...I no more belong to the campus world. I'm trying to figure out whether that's a good or a bad thing. *Zahira sits in deep thought reflecting on her last 4 or is it 5 years on campus*
I think its a good thing right now. Why? (and I know all you working people are def asking why!!) well maybe because every single person on campus seems to be getting younger o and the fact that all my friends are not there anymore so the only point of going to campus would actually be to do some work. Which was definitely so not me. I'm a socialite what can i say.

Hmmm I’m getting that feeling…you know the one you felt when you completed matric and moved on to the next step in your life…but this feeling is a little different.
This is me all grown up now…okay okay not completely grownup but well just a wee bit. To those I haven’t seen in ages apparently I have grown up those I see to mush off lol know better.
Campus has thought me lots among those is to love and let love walk away. Also the good and the bad. To cry and to hold on and to fight (yah I did lots of fighting on campus with everyone lol lecturers and friends o and enemies ;)) Also I’ve seen friends die and others learn to live again. And most of all I learnt what true friends and family means. I know the friends I made on campus are my friends for life. I may never see them or speak to them but if I ever needed them they’d come running. They no my faults and still love me for who I am….I love you guys!
Bring on the Future I’m ready for it!!!


PS: Hersh you always in my heart and I’ll never forget you MWAH

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Moe said...

Damn dude i know wat u mean.reading Ure post just makes me rem old days the fun and i want to cry as i look at my work on the laptop screen :-( but i know wher u coming from i felt the same way just two years ago. about friends on campus its a connection that stands test of time. and i think it was really the group of friends and people that made campus life the best ever. i think if i had to go back now tho i would still enjoy it different but still cool. leaving campus is really wen u feel old i know :-( but in eyes of world Ure super young.so enjoy work and money comes with it. good luck

Zahira said...

you have a point there...without these people it wouldn't have been worth going to campus in the first place. Campus is ever changing there is no one point were you could feel like you in a rut...you'd always have fun if you willing to make the best of it.
Hey who said i'm old ;) lol
Hmmm work and money were never my priorities hehehe thanks for the luck.

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