Crash! Boom! Bang!

Yah so I went to the A1 it was F&^$ing awesome...But that was me. I love cars and bikes...and the roar of those car downshifting from speeds of 220 to 100 to take the bend or making it through the chicane without blowing their undercarriage was amazing.

The sun though did kill me... i have permanent sunglasses at the moment but I don't care I'd do the same thing over again just to hear the roar of an A1 (next time hopefully F1) car. Not forgetting the super cars they had after the main race...totally yummy...think Lambos and lotuses, Porches and even an Aston martin...totally mind blowing...

4 Tattooed my Soul:

Bilal said...

i didnt like the gran prix:p

Mukhtar Ahmad Khan said...

The sun was horrid! But the cars did make it worth while :)

SA is trying to host the F1 grand prix around 2011. Cape Town is in the running.. plans are already in place. The land just needs to be made available. Cool:)

Zahira said...

Bilal -> How could you not like it *sigh* cars cars cars yummmy cars V8's and all :)
Muktar -> The sun may have been horrid (trust me i'm living proof ot it!!!) But i'd do it all over again hehehe it was awesome...o and who gonna wait till 2011...here i come brazil ;) hehe but it would be awesome having a F1 leg here in SA, even if it means it'l be in Cape Town (I wonder if the mayor would aprove the budget;))

M Junaid said...

coolies. tsk tsk

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