So this is a cry out for help...
I've never packed like this before i have no idea where to start...i'm going crazy becuase i don't feel like starting lol....
Peoples please help....
Yah I'm a first timer in this sense, the most i've ever packed was the usual overseas trips and stuf but those meant i was coming home even if it was after a month...this is so new too me i'm supposed to pack for a year (yes i know things can be sent to me after but if you know me you'll also know i want stuf now and now lol no waiting for it)...the most i have packed is mmmm ZILCH!!!!

oooo i'm going car shopping tomorrow doesnt that feel wierd lol
car shopping like i'm going to the supermarket....mmmm can i hav a bit of gear lock and sum power steering and a blast of aircon....oooo dnt forget the radio on the side....:P

mad i tell you absolutely mad

*EVIL ME* |__|

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Yusuf Desai said...

ZoE... jus dnt 4get ur toothbrush n fresh undies... da rest is nt as imp!!! but seriously a chklist mite b a gud place 2 start :)

aksn1p3r said...

new place = new look = new wardrobe

Fatima said...

when i moved to jhb for work/studies...i packed EVERYTHING and i mean everything!
my brother was swearing me because he had to carry it.
my mum was happy there was space.

but i was annoyed because when i had to come back i had to repack all that stuff back. so it was a schlep!

well, if u know the amount of cupboard space u will have..that's usually quite helpful! :P

anyhoo, lemme know how it goes...mwah

SingleGuy said...

haha...this so takes me back to when I moved to Jozi for a year...I packed everthing I owned in to the back of my car, (I had a sedan with BEEEG boot!) and then put my car on a train, and I flew up! When I got to the place I was supposed to be staying at and saw the furniture they offered, I called my bro in CT and sent me some furniture from home with movers.

Major_chip_hazard said...

If it's an ICE(in car entertainment)system you need,you know who to contact:) I'll make sure you're heard in Jozi!!

!Joe! said...


-toothpaste and toothpaste
-first aid kit
-sewing kit
-basic stationery - pens, notebooks
-jhb is freezing...beanies, scarves many jackets/coats/jersies, gloves
-lots of small and big never know...
-take a small amount of washing powder...again, you never know...btw laundry (at a laundromat) might cost something in the region of R18 a kg of case you don't have a place to wash/can't wash cos you have no time/don't feel like washing yourself, lol...
-*cough*sanitary pads...
-basic cosmetic stuff-facewash, body and face moisturiser, lipbalm, etc-i recommend camphor cream for hands, knees, feet and elbows :)
-warm pjs!
-hair-removing cream/wax/razor depending on your preference...don't laugh, you wait and see, you'll need it...

:D I'll think of more...I know you can get this stuff in jhb, but this is just so you feel like you're armed in your first week :) and I always end up leaving behind those small but essential things...the small things count!

ZK said...

JoE -> Lol thanks for my mmmm improper checklist ;)
Ak -> if i had the money i would never ever worry lol
Fati-> i have a yr so i am def considering packing everything but urrr it would help if i started lol
Sg -> mmmm furniture is so not important to me lol thank god but a big boot does sound gud
MCH -> a def call will be coming to you i need to hook up sound if i eva get my car lol
joe -> my gal you rock i so needed this list may i please please please print it out and attach to the one Joe (the man) sent me hehehe you will def love that list ;)

Ruby :) said...

hey.. we do have malls in jhb u know, so if u do forget anyhting, im sure we could buy it.. if u need anything, let me know, u have my no. right??

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