What does it mean to loose some one????
I've experienced loss on many levels. But the finality of loss is even harder to bear. The ultimate type of loss to me is that of death. And some how everyone i know has experienced it one way or the other.

So whats the whole point of this...well my helplessness is the point.
My non-worthiness (another made up word i know) and my uselessness at not being able to find the right words and to make it all okay. A dear friend loses someone who means the world to them and i can't find the words to make it all okay. Utter helplessness i guess is what i feel. I wish i could give the said friend a huge hug and hold friend close and say it'll be okay but i would be lying...its not okay to lose it hurts like hell and years down the line it'll still hurt. the most i guess i can do is to let said friend know that they not alone and that their friends are there if they ever need to talk or to be held...a hug goes along way (o so i think)...but then again who am i to think????

I only have lost a few times and the one that i still feel the most about happened almost a decade ago. To think 1992 seems like yesterday to me *sigh*... proves the point that loss always remains within you and the pain you felt then you'll feel a million yrs on...

the most i can tell you dear friend is that you and your family are in my duas and so is every other person who has lost and who i know...

i find solace in my friends and i hope said friend will find solace in us....


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Major_chip_hazard said...

The fact of accepting the loss is what makes things really bad.I've been in a deep depression after losing a close cousin almost 3 years ago.And last week a friend decides to hang himself.....

Ta^KiLLa said...

The most certain thing about life is death. The most uncertain thing is the time of death.
Consoling someone who has lost someone isn't that bad.Just make them realise that there is a better place than this world and that we(ones on earth) are the ones actually losing out..

blog_critic said...

Mmmm I think when you 'loose' someone as you said you are left with a whole lot of hanging skin.

But of course you know better,you have 'editor' on your profile.

Secondly,live for a bit longer and experience real emotion before trying to write on it.This post was lacking in the emotion u supposed to be feeling.It's empty an insult to the ones who feel the loss then read this.It might make you seem smarter if you knew what u were talking about instead of trying to be a crowd pleaser.

Also nice to see that the ring leader of the bullshit blog and the equally shit counter parts is exactly as dumb as the comments she leaves all over.


SingleGuy said...

ZK...I've delt with life and death on an almost daily basis, and it's difficult to empathise with others even when you know what they're going through. When I found myself in the situation of having lost people close to me, I found that everyone else's comforting words really made very little impact in the way I felt. As time goes on though, what I remember mostly of those individuals is not how they died, and my emotions then, but how they lived.

Celebrate the life. Not the death.

Oh and on a slightly different note, Blog Critic, you're starting to annoy me. I suggest that you find a more meaningful past time than endlessly hacking at other's thoughts and outlets. I suggest you find a different outlet for yourself. Try Masturbating. If that doesn't work, Sky-diving. The ultimate thrill would be to do it without a parachute. Don't worry, we won't miss you.

ZK said...

MCH -> i know exactly what you feeling my friend shot himself and everyday you don't stop missing them

Killa -> thanks for your wisdom and i guess that is the route to take...

BC -> sorry no time to waste my breath on you though if you don't know by now i can't spell bwahahahaha :D

SG -> i always remem the good :D and o thanks but don't waste your breath honey :P

ooo btw thanks for the extra hits CRITIC ;)

Anonymous said...

i'm going through loss at the moment.

it's a bitch.

blog_critic is a moron. we all know that. leave IT be.

Goolam_D said...

Ok. So my father dies and I'm sitting in a bucker of tears and I'm grieving and lost and scared and all those other wonderful things that connect me with my inevitable death and the temporary nature of everything. So what does my friend do ... she goes online and writes about 1992 and herself and how she feels helpless and how she knows and how she understands and how she "gets it". And I think ... ?

Anonymous said...

SEE wat dragans blog sez abt you!!! :( http://www.draganterra.blogspot.com

ZK said...

sorry guys been scarce newy if critic and gang havnt realised it by now swak but i could never spell lol :D
sorry goolam but this is my space to say wat i wanna so i will lol and you cnt stop me bwahahahahaha
anon i dnt care wat they say coz urr mmmm no time to worry about useless phathetic beens who think they human lol
o and heads up high to my new bosses who dropped in -> hi Matthew and Riaan

irshaad said...

perhaps the sense of 'non-worthiness' is a characteristic of true frendship...then again maybe not.

dont know much about loss, yet but hope ur friend is doing ok

Anonymous said...

Zk ... absolutely correct. Anyone can write a blog. I'm off now. My cat died. Loss ... you know. Thats so phucked up.

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