Football...Eskom...and Love Shedding...

No this is not a post on the Euro 2008 though I am looking forward to it but the picture has some meaning below...

People say that to blog you need to do it more regularly and on a continuous basis. But some people forget that not everyone is privileged enough to have access 24/7.
Why this train of thought...well if I had the access i would be religiously publishing everything that happens in my life all the time and for that matter voicing my opinions more on the fact that I have an opinion.

But back to the reason of this ‘outdated’ blog. I have so much anger and frustration pent up in me that I have decided to do something physical. Yes I have taken up football. Now as most of my guy friends would know…I can kick the ball, I can pass the ball, I can foul a player, but I CANNOT for one sec run with the damn ball. God alone knows why so many years down the line I finally decide to take up the one sport I have the biggest passion for.

I’m not ashamed though I don’t think I would ever want my ‘guy’ friends to come see me play (well until I become more confident in my atrocious skills). But damn since I can no longer swim in Johannesburg due to the falling temperatures I sure need an outlet for my energy.

O which reminds me the damn Eskom and their tariff hikes as well as the fact I don’t experience load shedding does not mean they have let us (my house and those on our road) off easy. We suffered two power surges which has left us without a television and microwave (though the micro has been fixed now) and no cellphone chargers as well. The idiots forget we rely on these basics. Let me explain…for the week in which the micro and lights went we were resigned to having to warm up small amounts of food in the oven which uses more electricity ---stupid stupid Eskom and City Power. The next surge left us without a television.

Yes we still have no television but thanks to Joe I have series and movies to watch, which helps but every time I want to watch sports I need to find somewhere else to do so. (Anyone with a spare tv to lend me???) Generally this would not be an issue, since I have been catching UEFA Champs league with the guys from the Swoosh blog but when I want to check the home grown football (which is really exciting this season seeing as the top three are not the high flyers and the title race is wide open) I cannot :P fooey. Eskom makes my blood boil but when we lodged the complaint we were surprisingly notified that the reason was some idiots had cut the wires and stolen the copper cable. Eish and the situation just seems to get worse by the day.

Some facts…

  1. Eskom doesn’t ‘foresee’ the future and the government doesn’t build new power stations.
  2. Eskom decides the only way to help the current situation is to Load Shed.
  3. Eskom then realises to do even more a ‘necessary price’ hike is required to fund the building of a new power station and to buy power from other countries like Mozambique.
  4. Poor people feel the pinch in their pockets and start protesting against immediate hikes.
  5. Some idiot trying to get a little money to feed family (I’m assuming he is doing this for good reasons and no other) steals the copper cables so that he can resell them and the chances that Eskom ends up buying them back is great (I did an interview so its likely).

Now all this combined with the fact that we need power to live our lives – our everyday lives – leaves us all a little hot under the collar. O wait did I forget to say that its OUR fault we short on power and because WE don’t help by turning off appliances WE will be living with this situation for a good couple of years.


O btw ever wondered what your Brazilian football name would be? Well if you want to know go check ut BrazilianName. Leave the name and your shirt number in my comments if you wish :)

Another thing which seems to be a bit of a bother is the annoying fact that I’m single and okay with it. People have this idea that I should have someone and guys should be lining up but in truth they are not and I am comfortable with the fact. I think the only real problem is the occasional longing one may have but that is natural especially after coming out from a long intensive relationship. (Yah I know you cynics its been over a year but fooey I like being single right now!!)

I long and wish for better things but I’m only human (and a woman amazingly) so its natural but it does not mean that the next person who comes along I will fling myself at them. To me right now that’s no more important. I want to just follow my dreams to see were life takes me.

No I am NOT saying I will not get married, what I am saying is the urgency that may have been there 2 years ago no longer exists. Neither am I saying I will not meet people because for my parents sake I should (since I aint getting any younger) but it still means that there is no rush. When it comes and it’s meant to happen it will and I will stick by that philosophy through and through.

Oi Dude – yes you – I know you reading this --- I am not Scaring you away --- don’t runaway now – stay don’t go and you never know there still maybe hope…

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13 Tattooed my Soul:

Saaleha Bamjee-Mayet said...

love-shedding, haha.

Imo said...

my Brazilian name would be Khito lol strange, well its Brazilian after all lol

Muhammad said...

I'm a guy who doesn't care much about soccer.. except playing it.. go figure that.

LOad-SHEdding..... AAARGH.

Getting married later. cool with me. as long as you HAVE A PLAN.

oh and a design tip... the black background and red writing has to go... really. if you need help let me know... this shit's gotta change.

word. :)

nice post btw. i like the pictures. hehehe.

Phantom said...

hi hon how's you's?From this post i gather everything in your life is balancing out into normality and steadiness but your wild streak just wants to show itself......i'm open to correction...anywho good luck with your two left feet :) BOO!

Phantom said...

hi hon how's you's?From this post i gather everything in your life is balancing out into normality and steadiness but your wild streak just wants to show itself......i'm open to correction...anywho good luck with your two left feet :) BOO!

Major_chip_hazard said...

You see I figured it out,eskom,telkom and vodacom all fall in the same category in my books.....THEY SUCK!!

Damn load shedding messed up my home theatre amp,thanks Eskom:(

Mohamed Karolia said...

Lol im sure you gonna do excellent with the soccer .....the next wonder kid/women/person :)

Eskom is ruining this country!

Dont worry about the love thing , trust me i know how you feel :)

oh and thanks for visiting my semi dead blog...seems you the only one that reads it lol

Ta^KiLLa said...

LoL - Good post..

Brazilian Name - Eiro Da Costa (9)

Well i will not mock the lack of a television nor the fact that you keen on being the next "Kharsao" (lol if u get that)..

And that dude you were referring to at the end - He'd be stupid to runaway..

p.s - Thanks for the blog visit..


irshaad said... somehow that doesnt strike me as particularly samba-ish.

Anyway, getting into the beautiful game takes an effort, but its worth it - im returning to it after as absence of 2, almost three years, and although harsh on the body, there is simple nothing like a pin-point passing goal. Or shot from 20yards out into the top left. ahhh. enjoy

Dreamlife said...

hey, life without TV is a good thing sometimes. not at this stage of the season...but sometimes it is.

we have a neighbour who's never had a tv.

but for all your electrical stuff: the best, and cheapest, form of surge protection is taking your plugs out. when your power goes out, take out the plugs from whatever you value.

as for singledom, i was told that when it's right, you'll know it - you feel it inside. true enough, that's exactly the way it happened.

statistically - though statistics mean nothing - you may have a good sign in that i count four blogger weddings in the last 6 months (of the bloggers i know, that is...there may be more)

ZK said...

hey hey peeps :)
now before i get any further ball this last weekend was GOOD
thanks to killa for all the equipment that you so generously throw my way mwah
Moe - i always have a plan (i think and hope lol)
Phantom - i hope i'm getting to that place i need to be ;)
MCH - yah they all suck but ironically ours went from a power surge and not a load shedding issue. my roommmates were watching tv when we had a surge and it went sigh
Killa - thanks again and i will not say anything else ;)
Irshaad - lol the brazilian name is like your normal name lol and ah yes aint it just the most gorgeous game
Dreamlife - thanks you :) i now believe in when its meant to be it will be :)

Legend Lives On said...

Mmm.. Kewl blog.. Love the "scrawled by"...

Love the "Oi Dude......" conclusion at the end as well..

U take care now..

ZK said...

thanks LLO
Please drop in again

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