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Been doing a little soul searching lately and came to the realisation I didn’t want to search my soul. The more I think and try to look for answers the more I loose myself. So what may come will come. I have made this decision before on numerous occasions but hopelessly I must admit never kept to it much. I fight with things that come my way and don’t let the inevitable happen as it should. But I guess that is my nature and that is what I have learnt in the past few years.

Though I wonder if there is a way I could have learnt things better. Or some times learnt the real lesson that needed to be learnt and not the other which is really meaningless to my existence.

Does life ever change?

The best thing some one said/sent to me in the last few days was:

“It's all a learning process. The day you stop learning is the day you start becoming irrelevant ;-)”

I guess then that come what may I most probably may or may not repeat the same mistakes over and over again and the day I start realising that I have learnt the wrong thing from that mistake and that’s the reason I keep repeating the mistake is the day I learn more then I had before.

(That some how made complete sense in my head!!!)

Thank you to the dude who gave me the most gorgeous bunch of flowers this past weekend. Will post a pic soon. And they are my favourite flowers. Thanks for brightening up my mood everyday I come home and see them.

Right now to the more important thing…

EURO 2008

I’m loving the ball that’s been played in the tournament so far. With the surprises and the quality on display its no wonder that the Euro’s have is the next most watched event after the Football World Cup. And may over take that in a few years (or even this year – we will await the figures after the tournament).

Turkey last night from the little we were able to watch was sublime and all credits to Germany who were able to contain the continuous onslaught to come out victorious. This I must remind you were a second string Turkish side as most were out through suspension or injury. Turkey you do your country proud.

The semi tonight is going to be just as spectacular. My friends keep reminding me not to forget the Guus Curse – the ability by Guus Hiddink to take the minnows of every tournament to the semi-finals. And boy can Russia produce some upsets. Spain may have beaten them in the round robins but this is a changed Russian team. They playing the type of football we use to seeing from countries like Italy and France who are not in the semi-finals this time around. I for one will not underestimate them or their talent.

(o and on the pic was too lazy to look for bigger image lol and hey killa its for you :P )


Next point:

Been doing some amazing stories lately and loving the thrill of deadlines. Though I’m in the market for a new job I’ve also found two other passions and have been pursing that a bit as of late.

Maybe its something that will ultimately just be more of a nothing then a something but I’m learning that I still have the ability to learn – and who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Lol

The first passion I’m sure people have caught on already… I’m becoming a bit of a social medium whore – and I love it.

You guys can find me on Twitter, Plurk, Facebook, Friendfeeder, and a few others I will not divulge as yet. I’m loving the interaction and sociability that I’m finding through these different platforms. The people I meet also have imparted more valuable knowledge then they realise. I’ve learnt more about my blog and how to blog and about sites and arb information I’m sure most of my immediate friends would never know or would not even care about. I’ve also made the most amazing friends through these mediums and for me that’s a total added bonus.

My other passion is something though I will keep as my secret for now…

But keep your ears open to the sounds of the underground ;)

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