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My posts of late have been somewhat haphazard and erratic, but that is generally the state of my thoughts as well so it would only be natural. On another deviant post I’d just like to say thanks to all the wonderfully people who responded to my cry for help at the camps.

New developments suggest that these camps will be moved to permanent premises in the Midrand area but this does not mean they still don’t need your help. I’m also glad to know that people have taken the initiative from the start to help. Stories we have been covering do not anywhere close enough cover all the stories of love and warmth expressed by people we meet along the way.

Some don’t even want their stories retold but I pray to God to keep them safe. They are definitely angels. Along with a few other stories I nearly jumped on a bus to Harare till they started arresting journalists again and sentencing them to 6months in prison.

Surprising how this goes under the radar with most people and to think a few months ago we were calling everyone to fight for the release of the British journo. Now South African journo’s are in jail and been sentenced and no one seems to care or give a damn. Something seems very wrong with that picture…don’t you think?!?!?!

When someone has answers to BOBs madness please let me know.

So Obama is now the leading presidential candidate for the Democratics… this makes me think of what I previously wrote on the topic of the US presidential race.

Interestingly the US presidential hopefuls are in the midst of their elections. The focus greatly on the two Democrat candidates – Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Is this a suggestion that the tide has changed so much so that people want a Democrat even if they maybe black or a woman. (Is the US ready for such a change?) The republican hopefuls are also having their very same elections but all you see in the media are the Democrat hopefuls..

The policy decisions made by any future president of the most powerful nation in the world will undoubtedly play a major part in the rest of the world – are we, the world, ready to be ruled by a black man or a white woman?

Things have not changed much from the last time that was written. I’m scared to know what will happen when the proper election run begins. Seriously though I was all for Obama winning but now I’m unsure about that. As the race goes on what he stood for seems to have changed a little, but then again I have no deep understanding of US politics so who am I to say anything?

If he does become the next US president then I will see what he is really made of. His comments about “We must be as careful getting out of Iraq as we were careless getting in” and “This is our time. Our time to turn the page on the policies of the past.”, gives me some hope.

In another post I also went through the turmoil within my head on the whole job situation. Nothing much has changed on that front except the parents have declared that I should apply for everything that comes my way and “you never know something will happen”. Now if anyone has a good motivation letter to pass my way and a few tips please do so.

It will be greatly highly appreciated!!!!

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3 Tattooed my Soul:

Waseem said...

Like the new template, I prefer it to the one you had.

Good luck with the job hunt

Dreamlife said...

"policies of the past"?

i'd suggest checking the link below, then seeing how different his views are on one of the most important issues.

unfortunately, with either candidate, it's the same stance :(

as for the job situation, i reckon ur folks are right. make dua for guidance in regard to that; make applications, and see what happens.

you can always say no, but to me, it's better to be trying and hopefully having options, than sitting and trying to decide when u don't know what to do.

Guidance comes in different forms, but we shouldn't just sit back and do nothing and hope an answer pops out of the sky.

ZK said...

Waseem -> thanks :) you the one who started it all lol

Dreamlife -> thanks for the link... by policies of the past i meant the idea of no talking to the enemy whoever the enemy would be. in other words the idea that Obama has in mearly speaking to the likes of Cuba and even Iran something no previous American president wanted to consider.
The other thing is that even though his policies on Palestine are no better then previous presidents the idea that he is willing to tlk is more than enough for now.

I will def be applying and please keep me in your duas.

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