The Moon and Star on Earth
*there are more pics uploaded on my incomplete site --check it out :)

7 Tattooed my Soul:

Bilal said...

is this photoshop'd?

The K-man said...

Wow thats amazing if its real. Strange looking island looks more like a caldera. It could be photoshopped but i think i wanna believe its real :)

Cool Blog :)

Dreamlife said...

don't remember where i read it - but i *think* i read that it was not real.

not sure it maybe.

Zahira said...

hey hey hey please allow me the opportunity to dream that its real and God has the power over all :)
It may not be real but to me it is and my because i'm obsessive over the moon and stars :)

Anonymous said...

Whether that is real or not, what a beautiful picture!

Very nice! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi. I just googled this picture. The moon shaped part is real bu the star is not. This is what they said about it: "This is Molokini Crater or Molokini Inlet, a small island in Hawaii. This image, snagged from the Internet, is the same exact one that was used to create the Internet sensation, The Cresent Star Islands."

quixpeed said...

i dont think its real, coz how come one heared about it, i even checked my encarta encyclopedia, but theres nothing about it... its a fake.. check google if u wish.
but nice work there bro..

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