Heaven in a Mug
"Feels like an angel peed on my tongue"
(Caption by - Az!)

Yes people the above drink was the most amazing thing that could hav happened on Friday night. My darling cuz Az captioned the pic! Its a Creme Caramel Latte, one of the most amazing drinks I've had in ages. The Location - a nice sofa at Umhlanga Sands.

O btw for Yas's sake....darling here goes... "I'm a Bitch with a capital C"! lol

7 Tattooed my Soul:

Waseem said...

I love all things with caramel in their name, except caramel corn who comes up with that shit

Anonymous said...

oh god.
i need that right now.

Zahira said...

fati -> come back to durban and i promise to take you for it!!
Waseem -> caramel corn is yummy 2

arshad said...

Aiy aiy..
Wats This mess all about..
and i c That u blaming Me.lol
zoe sort Out The Fonts, colours And Font sizes
align all Text Left justified..
AnyWay Lil Mor work Here And It Will B 100s

Zahira said...

Arsh are you calling my blog a mess? *Zoe gives Arsh death stares*
dude i not blaming you lol actually me having fun with it but i need help now :(
but i cuming trouble you tomorrow...hehehehehehe

t.a.z. said...

im hungry...

Zahira said...

me 2 t.a.z.!!!

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