Mathematical Formula for a girl....:)

no its not insane...i got curly hair and i like straight hair...a ghdcosts R1500....why must i pay to "burn" my hair and going to the salon costs R100 a week x 52 weeks = its not insane .....even if have to go for a function , i don't have to go salon, just wash and convenient....for 365 days ....costs R 3.28/day....a pack of cigarettes costs +/- if acid/arshad buys a pack every 2/3 days= +/- R 3467.50 = 288% insane if i am "insane"....and if they buy a pack a day then they get more insane.....;-))
*btw she spent 1200 (i think on her hair yday lol)
This insane mathematical formula was developed by the gorgeous Moh...she who argues the need of visiting the hair salon once a year :) Moh i understand thanks but still I wouldn't need to lol my hair is too straight, but for others of the female species i believe you should take Moh up on her formula lol

any way on a bit of an arb wtf is Maroon5 thinking...yes R you can kill me later if you like but their new song reminds me totally of Backstreet Boys and N'Sync.
They gone from awesome (I own their cd) to totally pop bubble gum vomit inducing music....Yah sure the tune is catchy yah def it will stick in my head after a while but please somebody save them from themselves. Okay fine i'll wait till i hear their whole album but honestly if its more of this stuf *Zahira vomits*...then i'm def not investing in their cd...def not worth it.
*Zahira gives R death stares...* Don't even try killing me R you know I can take you down with my little finger lol

*ME EVIL*EFG* l__l

16 Tattooed my Soul:

Lobelia's Student said...

If anyone understands the hazards of frizzy hair I do. Bleh to all you lucky people with needle straight locks! You just don't get our pain.

So Maroon 5's sold out, eh? They aren't the first, and I do think there should be support groups for fans who have to go through this.

Zahira said...

yah sniff what were they thinking...HELP!!!!

Phantom said...

Hey i haven't heard their track but good god are linkin park back???I thought i heard a track on 5 an they said its them with their new single.Plz confirm somebody

Zahira said...

Yes they are back with their new single not as gud as they were but not bad like maroon5.
They with out there original frontman therefore you hear the diff in the voice

Zahira said...

the new album is called "MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT" and the new song is "WHAT I'VE DONE"
sounds good so far

Zahira said...

PS: release date for album is may 15th/14th and the 1st single What I've done was 1st airplayed in SA last sunday

r said...

oh girl.. u so wish! i still adore maroon. their sound is a little different form Songs about Jane, but they'r still briLL! iv heard another track from the album, VERY different from Makes Me Wonder.. equally awesome!

and What Iv Done is ooooh.. goosebump inducing! (my new adjective;p)

Zahira said...

lol r i get what you saying i did mention that i will first give their album an ear before i completely decide lol

and yes its goosebump inducing lol
its yummylishes

qdee said...

ooh ghd :)
i found that washing my hair twice, smothering it in conditioner, wearing a scarf for an hour and then releasing, followed by hair ironing with cheap hairdryer works ;) lol. i love winter coz it helps too.
linkin park rocks, always makes you go from demure, shy girlie to rock-chic in your head. as for maroon, i cant decide if i like the new sound...but i loved sunday morning, something about it just makes me smile.

Zahira said...

oi qdee dispel those thoughts about ghd from your head lol...i think i'll get my sis to try out your remedy instead hmmm wonder if it'l work lol
me was always a rock-chic heheheh demure me lol neva!!!!
sunday morning is sweet...I have to admit that that album was one of the best i ever bought!!!

The K-man said...

You girls and your GHD'S, its insane. I never heard about that contraption and now its all my female friends talk about. What does it stand for?

Delon said...

I used to get a haircut for less than R10 at Natraj in Durban. I wonder if my barber is still around. You cab get a haircut here in Joburg for about 20 bucks.

t.a.z. said...

and i thought i was supposed to be the engineering-maths-science geek! so you ARTS people can also do the math then! :P
Some economics: the oppertunity cost of not buying a GHD = bad hair days/ going to the salon too often/ having excess money that could potentailly be spent on cigarettes (or sweets or chocolates or clothes). damn, just get the GHD!

mazozo said...

LOL i have nothing to say hence i shall just comment for the sake of commenting.

Sigh i miss my music i feel like i losing touch bleh.

Someone buy me a radio!

Zahira said...

hmmm k-man what it means hmmm no damn clue lol but it originated in the UK and has been huge ever since...
delon serious thats a way cheap haircut hmmm do you have any hair??? sorry me very rude but gotta ask?! :D
t.a.z you aint the only genius around moh has skill i tell ya lol and the whole point of this was so she doesnt need to get a ghd and burn the hair lol
and mahoho wake up boy lol mwah

safiyyamk said...

Kman ghd stands for good hair day :) its the best... i love it... ill nver bio-ionically straighten my hair- i love the curls.. oh and to protect it from the burn- there are products that u can protect ur hair from the heat...

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