Rant and Rave (R&R)

Yah this is the kind of R&R i want...
A place where i can release built up frustration, and some how sooth and calm my soul.
So what you may i ask do i wish to R&R about...hmmm lots and at the same time nothing at all! yah exactly i want to R&R about the nothingness part of it all.
I was standing at the bus stop the other day... yes people i wait at the bus stop...and i was just enjoying the moment of solitude. Watched the cars go by and the buses (I was waiting for the mother peole!!!) and wondering how they seemed to pollute the same f%$^ing air I was breathing, but thats not the issue here. The issue is that i was actually enjoying this alone time of people, bus and car and the occasional bike watching. I could see people laughing, talking, fighting and kissing (Bus stop is near a robot sillys) in their cars. How differently we all see the world move by.
The other totally soothing thing about watching all this was that it began to drizzle. Me i love the rain (I LOVE H2O). Was desperatly wanting to play in the rain. Can you imagine me running between cars lol how much fun would that be...except on a main road i may get jailed *sigh*.
So have i gone off on a tangent or are you guys still following along in my mud?
The whole point of the above is to enjoy the simple things in life. And everything has its own beauty even the ugly.
My other R&R has to do with the fact that my friends don't seem to enjoy each moment as it comes. Why do they have to place in context with something else? Like I know sometimes i do that as well, but honestly can one not enjoy a moment with out worrying about someone else or something else or thinking if only the situation was different?
Are all humans ingrained withthis sense of 'publicity'? hmmm
O well screw them and screw the world i'm gonna enjoy each moment as is and when ever it throws itself at me...why bloody not?
I will def continue this R&R session...I feel so much better already :)
*ME EVIL*EFG* l__l
(for those who get it...to those who don't f^&k this shit don't make your problems mine!!!)

7 Tattooed my Soul:

M Junaid said...

Evil Fucking Grin?

Zahira said...

dude wat u think *efg*

safiyyamk said...

zoe werent u afraid of standing by the bus stop??? i mean this is dbn afterall...

about the meeting up- u give the time place and date, ill be there :)

Zahira said...

me scared nah *i laugh in the face of danger hahahahaha*
Lol seriously i have no idea why but i not scared...i even like town love the hustle and bustle of Warwick Junction, its jus so alive.

Hmmm this time, place and date needs to be set up in private lol we may get stalkers...will mail you mwah

Ashoo said...

enjoy every moment for what it is .. dont let another take that joy away.

As for warwick ave... that place has thee most unique atmosphere ...trust me, i know, i watched it thousands of time :p

Nadz said...

I know what u mean,my favourite place to stand is the end of field street and wait for the mynah,it mite be the busiest to everyone but i find such peace there.Weird i know.

Zahira said...

Nadz -> But aint it just brill watching life walk by!!!
I'm def enjoying every moment ashoo lol

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