Bone to pick!!

Okay okay would some one please explain to me the concept of chain mail letters. Well in this case emails!!!I do not get why would it affect me getting a guy or a happy married life or anything for that matter??
And the worse are the definite Islamic ones...Will me not forwarding it to other people make Allah love me less?
Whats with that?
Okay so I'm ranting and raving but seriously why? Whats the point and who the hell started this?

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M Junaid said...

beated this out a bit with safiyya. check it out

while chain mails are a fairly recent phenomenom, like road rage, its beginnings lie clearly from the dawn of time as its jus propogates the human quality of 'irritating the living shit out of your fellow man' . for more info on this phenomenon of irritating people, please listen to the crazy frog song

A ring ding ding ding ding
A Ring Ding Ding Dingdemgdemg
A ring ding ding ding ding
Ring ding


Muhammad said...

they serve no purpose but to irritate the receiver or scare them into submission, which spreads the irritation...

I make no sense sometimes :P


Zoe said...

hey juns so wat if this topic has been done before its my blog and i can rant and rave as i feel :)
And I wonder how anyone could ever like that song *sigh*
O M -> on a brigter note this chain mail thing also makes no sense :)

Bilal said...

death to all those who fwd chain letters!

Zoe said...

def lol but why is stil da question. why do it why forward it why believe in it?why?why?why?

reality said...

some ppl may think that by sending chain mails (especially the islamic ones), that they are making a difference in some way.
maybe they might feel dat by forwarding the emails, some1 might change der lives or some crap like dat.
imagine this: u sitting by ure computer, goin thru all ure emails, u laughing ure head off wid all those silly pics and stuff, then in the middle of it all, u get an islamic email. u actually think dat ure mind is in the correct state to take wat is being said to heart?? the very ppl dat may send u all the jokes wid filthy pics, will send u islamic chain mails..its a mockery i tell u!!
and as for getting punished or experiencing bad luck for the rest ure life if u dont forward....B.S.!!!wat utter nonsense.
hmmm, i sound like such an angry person..hehe. but its these got damn fluffy chain mails dat frustrate me..:)

Zahira said...

Lol reality you make me laugh you can't decide whether its a good thing or a bad thing lol but i get wat you saying

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