Whats the Point?

Following the money topic posted earlier...I've been wondering whats the sense and point to life. I mean at the moment I'm going through a stage were I feel like I haven't done anything worth it in my life?
Life is about making your mark in the world in many ways...right? Well how is it I feel like I haven't yet or more like I don't even know what that mark should be?
All my 22 going on 23 years feel a bit wasted or maybe its just my frustration speaking?
(That or I'm intensely psychotic - I guess that's the reason hehe)
Come on I'm studying what I (Kinda) wanted to but I feel like I haven't accomplished nothing!!! *sigh*

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Dew said...

Zoe I think your subconcious is speaking out here: If you haven't
'accomplished nothing' it eamns you have accomplished something then.:)

I think we all get like that, the important thing is to keep in mind that it REALLY doesn't matter if we make our mark in this world, it's all about that other world we have to worry about.
wow, how profound but we need reminding, I forget that so often and think I have acieved nothing.

And anyway, what nonsense you've achieved so much, my girl you've completed a degree, soon to complete a post graduate degree! You have so many good friends, health, family and all the other things I don't know about you.

This stupid media keeps on telling us wer'e supposed to be doing great things when really, just being a great friend and giving charity are great things

Zoe said...

thanks Dew my darling. I get what you saying but there still is the sense that I could be doing so much more...whatthat more is though i STILL DONOT HAVE A CLUE. but hey mwah

Bilal said...

stay away from all poisonous liquids, sharp objects and high buildings- we will talk soon:)

Zoe said...

i'm trying bilal i truely am but the world looks so much more colourful on that side hehehe
but it wouldn't be a high building it would be a beautiful mountain top :)
Chat soon properly i hope laters

!Joe! said...

I feel the same way. All the time. As Dew said, you've done alot already, getting your degree, getting postgrad qualifications. I agree with everything Dew said. We always focus on the physical, the material. But imagine if you weren't here. Think of how your absence would be a deprivation to those around you, e.g.: the media students, who value your assistance and are glad that there are people in the faculty who are as approachable as you (and MJ in case he stumbles upon this). It can be scary asking lecturers for help, you know. Especially the ones who auditioned for Aquafresh commercials and never received callbacks.
My aunt always tells me not to worry and that I should languish in this state for as long as possible. It's the last days of your childhood, or some form of it. Enjoy your freedom. One day you won't have time for friends and blog-writing. No more "Hey, it's Tuesday, let's be cheap and spend the day at the movies!" No more, "ooh, let's read the first year's essays and mark them in crayons!" I'm not saying you should be ambivalent or lazy, either. Just relax, worry about the career in healthy doses, but don't have regrets over what you didn't do and should have done by age 22/23. We may not be emotionally prepared to do anything great right now. If you do something amazing, like close down water theme parks, at age 30, then it will happen at that time. As for having done/accomplished nothing, isn't that what makes us the youth?! That's what we do best, marketers know us as layabouts and erratic beings with no focus or drive!Why would you want to go out there and dirty our reputation by being productive?! (Sorry, I'm being really thoughtless and insensitive. Many young people are not fortunate enough to entertain such thoughts. My apologies; this is to be taken in a light-hearted manner). Just calm down and breathe, Zoe...

Zahira said...

Lol Joe after all that how you expect me to breath:) lol mwah i am chilled jus cnt handle this brick wall :)

Zahira said...

Lol Joe after all that how you expect me to breath:) lol mwah i am chilled jus cnt handle this brick wall :)

Zahira said...

Lol Joe after all that how you expect me to breath:) lol mwah i am chilled jus cnt handle this brick wall :)

Anonymous said...

i havent achieved nothing is grammatically incorrect. u shud know beter! achievements in life is succes. which cannot be determined by wealth or career achievments. its all about inner happiness and making other people smile at least once a day.


Zahira said...

Grammer shammer lol *sigh* lol whoever thinks i studyed english please shoot them for me lol
Az maybe you are right but hey i'l let you know if i ever get to heaven ;)

reality said...

the fact that u might be dwelling on the fact that u havnt achieved nada, might prevent u from actually doing someting!!
here is a harsh life lesson: get off ure sorry ass and make a difference :)

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