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Yah you guess it. I went to see Riaad Moosa in action last nite. His comedy show Strictly Halaal was hmmmm BRILLIANT. As usual Riaad has this flair of keeping us all in stitches through out his hour long show. That and the fact that he makes fun of everything and everyone it matters not.

Its interesting how he is so brilliantly clever and a doctor and decides to do comedy instead. :)
Ya the face does it all...
If anyone can get hold of his stuff take a listen worth the effort!

4 Tattooed my Soul:

reality said...

i love comedies!! a true comedian is the one who can make us forget all our troubles and anxieties...even if its for an hour..
so if the show did dat 4u, it must have been brilliant..
i wonder wat all the muslim aunties think of him :)..trying to hook him up wid their "ai doctor che"..(my gujurathi stinks)..damn, im loosing my identity as a gujurathi spkn guy...o wel

Bilal said...

Riaad Moosa rocks! But sometimes he recycles his jokes for too long- go tell him I said that:P

Zahira said...

sorry to dissapoint reality but riaad is happily married :)
He did recycle some of his jokes but the thing is i sat next to people who never heard them so lets just say laughter was infectious (cnt spel that *sigh*)
And bilal i would tel him but you have a direct line to him so you tel him :)

arshad said...

you left a comment on my blog asking if u know me..
hmmm.. maby you do..
well i realy dont have any idea who you are.
wats ur email address?

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