Concerning Friends...

Oops that sounds so like my friend MJAD...he likes labeling his links as 'Concerning whoever'. O well this topic does concern friends and well how reliant are we on them.
Well friends and the whole idea of friendship is well beautiful, and horrid all at the same time.
You must be wondering what I mean by that right?

For starters my friends mean the world to me. Think I rely more on them then my family. I know it shouldn't be like that but it is true. Just the sense that they understand me better well makes it that way.
So were is the bad I'm seeing in the world of friends?
Its in the fact that people who some times you think are your friends are back-stabbing psychopaths who need to be institutionalised.
Other time its watching your friends life slip through your could have stopped it but you did not.
And even other times circumstances and distance makes them walk away from you and the friendship you had...

So my question there a point to having friends?
Do we really need them ?
OR do they really need us?

If family never leaves you, why do you feel closer to your friends and not to you family?
then again maybe I'm looking at this all wrong...

2 Tattooed my Soul:

M Junaid said...

your post scary - i'd hate to be on the wrong side of you :P - Naa - friends come and go - family - they are there for life

Zoe said...

how is my post scary plz do tel?

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