In the still of the night...

So its like early in the evening to some or late in the evening to others. With me its that time when my thoughts run away... the sleep eludes me and those who surrender to it I envy.
What am I rambling on about? Well welcome to the life of a person who is sleep deprived not because they are over worked but by the fact that the mind does not allow the body to rest.
Its a sad state of affairs but now I have this - the wonderful world of blogging - which some how is supposed to let you see into my mind but like who would ever truly reveal themselves to the world?
In this quiet period before the awakening of those in deep slumber for sehri, I type away. oblivious to the fact that my body needs sleep, my brain is pushing the boundaries of my mere existence and my soul cries within...SSSSSSSSSLLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!
Okay enough shit talking time for some serious reflection...o wait that's the reason I can't sleep. Enough, Enough laters my people...

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