Money, Money, Money

Recently I've been reading, which wouldn't surprise my friends lol, but I came to the realisation that money does in fact makes the world go round. Why I say this?

Well people live and everyday money is involved. You go to school in order to be educated and then further so you can be 'someone' so that you can make money and have a 'wonderful' life. We so propelled by the continuous cycle of acquiring money that we forget what living is about!

Another different take on it is if one has to go back a few years and retake a look at 9/11 one can see how much the world revolves around money. Wall Street stopped functioning for a bit and so did every other stock exchange. look at our JSE as an example during that period.

The Most widely recognised currency

Are we forgetting the reason to live?

The reason life is beautiful?

Are we, as people, forgetting that life is so much more then money?

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Muhammad said...

Love this post Zoe :)

as Dr. Dre said... "It's the root of all Evil, The Cause of all sin... but it makes the world go around like my 20 inch rims..."




Zoe said...

U right M but seriously are we missing the basics?

M Junaid said...

an oversimplification of the system. by questioning consumption, we are questioning capitalism and while it may not be the perfect system due to its basis in exploitation,it is the only system in the world. and the drop in the rand following the attacks remind us that money has no intrinsic value and that everything is relative. there is only one reason to live, and that is to serve Allah - how we serve Allah could be through the distribution of money ( Zakaat) or by using or money to build hospitals etc. Money does makes the world go around- but i get what you mean, it shouldnt be the be all- end all. The U.S Dollar, apart from bein the most widely recognised currency, is also the most widely spoken language - its a fact of life. And i dont see this changing for a long time. It is the only superpower and no one can stand up to it. personally, i'm waiting for the Mahdi :)
Much Luv my friend

Zoe said...

very well put jun's. you got the idea of what i was ranting and raving about. You awaiting mahdi is a scary ready for him?

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