Lament of a Friend!

These blogs are supposed to be what you want when you want it, Right?
Well apparently I have neglected my darling page and therefore have incurred the wrath of a certain friend who believes that since I have him addicted to this insatiable blogging situation, I am seriously not living up to expectation.
Well sue me for having such an extraneous life and therefore no time to blog as much as my dearest friend.
My darling friend, you scare me when you believe that I some how have an easy carefree life. But what scares me even more is that you may not have much of a life...mwah but I still love you.
I will dutifully resume blogging as soon as I have appropriated myself according to the many situations I have on hand. But do not fear your woman of words will articulate herself soon.

2 Tattooed my Soul:

M Junaid said...

i blog therefore i am :)
blogging, while being an almost incestous act ( we write for our imagined audience, but at the same time we throw in little nuggets to personalize the experience) is a window to that persons mind.. and while we do not expect to see the whole house - it still allows us to stand on the outside and look in.
blogging should always be fun - once you are pressured to constantly write new material, or update on a daily basis, it loses its appeal ( similar to the fun associated with operating electric windows in a car)
we blog, because we luv
MJAD ( the MAD as you have christened me)

Zahira said...

We Blog my dear mad friend when we have the time lol unlike you who always has the time :)

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