So its been awhile....

Many people have asked why I have not been around and why I have not done much with my blog...well for starters I'm totally new at this and I do not know how to change things or make my blog even better...
Secondly well I've been busy...its Ramadhaan and I have not had much time to do anything else.
Thirdly and ultimately the main reason is...I do not have Internet at home and its driving me crazy.

The Media

I am currently a media student and have been wondering what in fact is the influence of media on people and how much of what we see in the news is in fact true? What difference can I realistically make as a journalist? Why am I following this career path when I can do anything I want or set my mind to?

These questions have become so part of my thinking of late. Why? Maybe because of the difficulty I'm experiencing in trying to find a job. Well the main reason, I guess, is the fact that I'm vocal. I want people furthermore to see the truth and have come to the realisatioin that in fact the media including the news is in fact extremely biased and are so influenced by advertisers and owners that the truth becomes distorted.

Maybe I'm crazy. I feel like I'm up against a brick wall, but if I don't do something, who will? If I can make a start maybe more will follow.

Its the beginning of something New

Hi, assalamualiakum, Morning to everyone in the world on this day. i'm just going to take this oppurtunity to inform everyone that I'm entirely new at this and hopefully with time and help i can continue informing people of my splendid and boring insights.

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