New Foundations ...

It beens a while since I posted or blogged for that matter on either of my blogs. Theres been a reason for this. More then anything i wanted to start anew. I thought that once I found the right host and started creating a new site [], I would find peace and my love for blogging would continue.

But damn was I wrong. Not only did I start learning xml/html/design I became so fussy to a point of going through countless themes till I found the right one. A few of my friends even helped me out by other offering pearls of wisdom [thanks Saaleha] or testing out whether my themes actually worked or not on the various browsers available [thanks to saaleha, nafisa, killa and Aasia] and also for letting me know how much some themes SUCKED!!!

Guessing that's what friends are for :)

So to new beginnings and foundations and endeavours and here's to hoping that I can maintain this blog. Its been and uphill and it still feels like one, but you never know what the future holds and brings.

[damn i sound so cliche ;) ]

Please all friends change your link love to this brandnew spanking one.

Check out the new Insights at

to all those who endlessly frequented this blog i love and adore you and really need your traffic in the new place though you may notice its very slowly getting to what I want :) it!!!

So Mrs M&M decided it was time to play a little tagging… the resultant factor is found below :)

The catch is to list 7 things that I love and then tag bloggers with the same thing and they should then download the image and upload it to their blog.

1. Beach/ocean/sea/swimming
2. Friends
3. Soccer, rugby, cricket [sports]
4. Travelling
5. Night sky filled with stars and the moon
6. Gorgeous nature and sunrises and sunsets
7. ICE CREAM and more time with friends just chilling

So now I have to tag people but that’s too hard so only tagging a few but everyone else who reads this has to do it and let me know

Btw Mrs M&M is right…listing only 7 fav things is difficult…

Tag you it: @SnowGooseSA, @Mylifescape, @nikistarfish, @Nafisa1, @Philly_girl

Coming together

Kika-sack, Glaceau and 27 Dinner

So last nights 27 Dinner finally prompted me to blog. I know it’s been ages but something is brewing so watch this space. ;)

On another note the 27 Dinner was a bit different from normal. It was the 270second Unconference and a whole lot of babbling including some interesting points. That and we were treated to some amazing magic. So can’t really complain can I? and I got to see Heidi, Snappingturtle and gang again.

Meeting up with them is a rare so I look forward to these events just to reconnect.

Nic in his post a few days ago mentioned the Safari trip he was treated to by Glaceau for their new drink VitaminWater. The 27 Dinner gave us all a chance to get our grubby hands on some free samples and well Heidi made sure she had the one for a major hangover. Still need to ask her if it worked. I got my hands on the red coloured one they aptly label XXX (triple antioxidants). With the naming the drink I have to say that who ever did their marketing came up with some hilarious explanations to the drinks names.

Mine reads

“c’mon get your mind out of the gutter; we only named this drink xxx because it had the power of triple antioxidants …”

Hope you can read the full thing on the picture below.

But I have a small problem with these drinks. How would I know its actually working? I understand you can most probably figure it out with the hangover one but what about the others? Also mine tastes like Squeez n Drink. Remember those lovely drinks growing up. I’m not saying that it tasting like that is a bad thing, actually it’s a good thing in my case, because I adored the Squeez n Drink range esp. the Red one like my XXX. But it makes me wonder then if the vitamin water is actually doing what it should be.

I have to say though that it was awesome to actually see the bottle filled to the top – touching the cap [see pic]. That is a rare attribute in any case whether its drinks or chips or any product.

Another awesome, brill point to my week is that I finally got to the post office and picked up my collector’s item FREE Kika-Sack box. Thanks thanks thanks guys.

Haven’t played this in ages but it will be good to get back into tapping around [though as a girl I am pretty pathetic lol]. I love footy and I loved attempting this during my campus days. I think I managed 2 taps before it hit the ground but I promised the guys at Kika-Sack that I will try my hand at it and video it as well. Yes you can ca

tch the next comedy routine hitting your feeds soon ;).

An Hour for OUR EARTH

With the way the world is turning and destruction is following the human race, whether natural or ‘economica’, it makes you wonder…WHY?

Maybe its our own fault that the world is finally crying out to be rescued, and well you can!!! March 28 is the day we all do something so small as turning off all our lights and electricity in celebration of Mother Earth. March 28 is Earth Hour. Switch of your lights at 20:30 for an hour to help save our world.

So do your part register yourself for EarthHour by clicking on the banner along side or following this link.

Here are a few words from the site:

Earth Hour 2009 is a global initiative by the World Wide Fund for Nature which acts as a worldwide call to action to every individual, business and community to take a stand against Climate Change. To show your support, sign up now and commit to switching off your lights for one hour on Saturday, March 28th at 8:30pm. Originating in Sydney, Australia in 2007, the Earth Hour initiative proved more than worthwhile when it witnessed 2 million people coming together to switch off their lights for one hour for this vital cause.

Who’s involved?
Current Ambassadors include:

Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Andrew Boraine
Bryan Habana
Charlene Truter
Dave Pepler
Deon Meyer
Derek van Dam
Etienne van Heerden
Francois Groepe
Francois Pienaar
Jo-Ann Strauss
Laurence Mitchell
Leon Schuster
Marc Lottering
Mayor Amos Masondo
Mayor Helen Zille
Moroka Swallows
Patricia de Lille
Ryk Neethling
Soli Philander
Tammy-Anne Fortuin
The Parlotones
The Stormers
Valli Moosa

That's an awesome list of people. So join them.

Rambling discoveries

An attempt at rediscovery and finding a way to write again...

There’s this place just north of Durban, that we use to frequent often growing up. It's also one of those special places to me. Surrounded by a nature reserve we use to go there on weekends for a braai and picnic or I use to escape there from campus when things were getting a bit much.

Once you head out on the yellow trail for a short hike, you can see the most amazing views. Rolling hills, topped with trees in all their finery, dressed in their best greens and the sweetest voices calling from nests among the finery. Walking through archways created by the overhanging branches and spotted and dotted with white flowers, you turn down the partway and climb endlessly to the bottom of till you feel the cool breeze rising from deep within the canopy calling your name. Inviting you towards the sound of rippling brooks and bubbling streams. As you move towards the sound and get closer and closer the soft sounds turn into faster waters, calling out.

Step through the breaking trees, not more then inkling in front of you runs a stream. Following it closely upstream, you can hear a deep gurgling rushing sound. A little further up and you see one of the most breathtaking, jaw dropping unspoilt wonders of nature. A waterfall gushing down into a dark whirlpool of water, it reminds you of a washing machine in spin cycle.

This is my place; this is the place that is special to me. That holds my breath and lets me breath again. Somewhere I feel at peace. I watch the falls. The gurgling plunge pool and I let it ease my worries and mind.

I miss that place. One day I will go back and find the peace so breathtaking, so brilliant, and so untouched by the outside world, by the mundane life that takes us on an ever fast moving race to the finish line. So much so that we don’t have a chance to stop and enjoy the wonders of the world around us.

A place in just outside of Durban...picture taken a while back

My Band and Album

1 - Go to “wikipedia.” Hit “random”
or click
The first random wikipedia article you get is the name of your band.

2 - Go to “Random quotations”
or click
The last four or five words of the very last quote of the page is the title of your first album.

3 - Go to flickr and click on “explore the last seven days”
or click
Third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.

4 - Use photoshop or similar to put it all together.

5 - Post it to notes and TAG the friends you want to join in - anyone else can join in too

It’s easier that it sounds. Try it!

Thanks, Nafisa.

PS: All those who read it are now TAGGED!!!!!!!!!!

PPS: Sorry about image size and bad hard to see busy with work and blogged it only because Nafisa said i have to :)

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