But Why?

This was mailed to me the other day by a dear friend. I think the person was having a slight mid-life crisis but then i realized that its the same questions we ask each other or ourselves everyday.

I haven't edited anything from what was sent because there is no need to... If people have answer to the questions or opinions drop in a comment...

Why does one love? why does one pine for another...
Why does life sometimes seem to be sooo sooo good, but then at times it feels like you got hit by a bus, or you rather be dead then alive?

when does one fall in love? When does one fall out of love?
does love exist? or is it a figment of our imagination?

what is our purpose in life? do we have a purpose? is der a greater purpose that we dont know? are we a governed on what we do? if so, den wats our purpose?

have u ever wondered if ders life other den us? do they have intelligence?

what is the difference in men and women? is there a difference other then pyhsical? why do we love each other? n why do some love the same?
what is sex? male female in pure extacy? have you experienced an orgasm? how did it feel? why do men love sex more then women?

we came so far, yet we are so backward, but why? we put man on the moon, but a rapist walks the streets? have we lost our common values for higher technology? are we moving backward rather forward?

well, all i can say.... i got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning as u can c... just thought i will share my madness with you…

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Blogging on another level

So I haven’t blogged in ages…and no blog critic and gang hasn’t scared me away. I’ve just been busy with relocations and a new job lol

This post in itself is a bit of self proclamation. Mmmm maybe more like self ‘egolation’ (yes a new made up word :P). So people are finally talking about blogging in SA, I mean what with the annoying Stork advert (I think rah dished the dirt out on that one) and the new era of Facebook why am I reposting my article here?

Well while I was doing it I found it incredibly amazing that the actual number of bloggers in SA can’t be measured. Vincent (mentioned in the article) suggests that every SA blogger should atleast register with Amatomu so that in future Goldstuck and gang can get more precise and accurate figures of bloggers in SA.

So I’m guessing you asking what this has got to do with us mere bloggers who write absolute ‘shit’ and who aimlessly talk about life - well the more the media market know who we are the more we can benefit from it. Not only are advertisers after our money we can in fact make money from advertisers. The whole concept of Web2.0 (I learnt about this only recently) makes the internet an open source platform to use and share alike.

Mak (sorry mak i couldn't find your actual post plz send link so i can change it no time compromises a comprehensive search :)) has spoken about piracy in his blog posts before, well now with Web 2.0 and the blogging and Facebooking and YouTube platforms there’s going to be more and more of it. The media is changing its focus and now making it easier to obtain items through the web so I’m sure at the end of it all we won’t be charged with piracy. :D.

SA blogs on the rise

Zahira Kharsany Johannesburg, South Africa
06 Sep 2007 17:00

Something is stirring in the South African blogosphere. This year will probably be remembered as a time when blogs came of age, with more than 600 000 internet users visiting blogs by their fellow South Africans in just one month. Electronic-media analyst Arthur Goldstuck has provided the online world with relevant South African statistics on the number of bloggers in South Africa for the month of August 2007.

In a blog entry posted this week on the Mail & Guardian Online's Thought Leader, Goldstuck says he believes that by August next year, "blogs will not only be a mainstream component of most online media in South Africa, but they will also be a dominant component".

"In terms of social media and networking spaces, the shift in numbers has increased greatly. Facebook, which has had a three-fold increase in the past three months, is the symptom of the tipping point," he told the M&G Online on Thursday.

Goldstuck -- who heads the World Wide Worx research organisation and regularly provides insights and IT trend analyses to businesses and governments in Africa -- said the number of South African bloggers in relation to the number of web users in the country is still low, but it is, in fact, an astonishing achievement.

One indicator of the growth of blogs is the rise of local blog aggregators -- that is, guides to what is being read by others. Examples are Afrigator, the continent's first blog aggregator; and the recently launched Amatomu, the first comprehensive tracking service for blogs and bloggers in South Africa. Goldstuck's statistics show there were 25 037 blogs in South Africa at the end of August, though only 11% were active.

According to Vincent Maher, the M&G Online's strategist, the number of unique blog visitors during August, 621 204, would place blogs overall among South Africa's five most popular websites. This number, said Maher, lends credibility to the way the internet and its use is moving forward: it promotes collaboration between and sharing among users.

Goldstuck's information was sourced from South Africa's various blogging platforms, and he "interrogated" blogging services to ensure he could publish a true reflection of blogging in the country. Previously, educated guesses had been the order of the day. Some of these proved to be fairly accurate, despite the methodology being a few steps removed from augury.

Looking ahead, he sees more blogging growth in the next few months "and then it will level off".

"By the end of the year we should see the number of [South African] internet users increase to 3,85-million, and broadband subscriptions will increase by 828 000. This will bring greater media attention until such time blogging will find its natural niche," he said.

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