Ramblings on a Miniscule scale…

You must be wondering as to why the minuscule statement …well if I was allowed to really ramble on about the issues that seem to be flying through my head we would be into a really rally long series…hmmm maybe as long as LOTR which in all honesty is a pretty long awesome book (and yes I regard all 3 as a book because that is how they were originally written before being cut down into parts by Tolkien and Chris)…

So first order of business…something I’ve been trying to get my head around and couldn’t since Saturday…yes it’s taken me almost a week to write about it but hey I writing it NOW…
Last week (in SA and across the world) was a week in Solidarity with the People of Palestine. So what has this got to do with Saturday? Well I need to vent the fact that I felt disheartened and angry at people in SA, especially those in Durban. Why why why?????

For starters these same people swear that they will fight the fight The Jihad against the Zionist Jews. They will give up house and home and family to go to Palestine and fight, yet they could not take a few hours from their day on Saturday to attend a rally that was held across the glove to show that they stand in solidarity with the people in Palestine and those displaced from the country through the ongoing fighting and forced removals. The same people who say they ‘fought’ against the Apartheid government so that we (the next generation) could live in a democratic country. These very same people, who also say they fight for freedom of all people, could not spend a few hours at a rally…shame on us shame on us shame on us….the people of SA. This utter disappointment is not aimed at the Muslims in SA only but at the hundreds and thousands of South Africans who believe in our freedom and the freedom of everyone. But in all honesty my anger was leveled at the MUSLIM DURBANITES….the Muslim community on Saturday made me want to strangle their pretty necks…What laughing stocks we must be to the Zionists, the Israelis and the International world… I swear at time like these I wish I was a Capetonian…10 000 people showed up to pledge their support…and Jhb also had almost 5 000 people…Durban sigh I will not comment on. I was there covering the event as a journalist. I wish I wasn’t there in that capacity…why? Well I need my anger to be voiced and I couldn’t. I was there to do a job and a job I had to do…I will def say that even though the ANC were there to conduct their own meetings they spared a few moments to remind us that….”there are three kinds of evil in this world…the first is the evil of the oppressor […] the second is the evil of being a watcher [ …] and the third evil is that of not doing anything to stop the first two evils…” – Sbu Ndebele (Premier of KZN) [urr sorry can’t remember exact exact words will watch the tape again and make adjustments accordingly]

So what form of evil are the Muslim people of Durban? (*sarcasm insinuated here*)

So on to my next issue…the civil servants strike…to all those who are complaining about it you guys should really start looking at what kind of people you really are…

Why? Lol

As many of you have noted SA doesn’t seem to be functioning in the ‘correct way’. What do I mean by that…well over the last few days I’ve heard various complaints about how they should all get back to work people are dying people are stranded things seem to be messed up right?

Duh definitely!!!! If our government and all the complainers can’t see what a beneficial asset these civil servants are in our lives you sure are noticing now. Yes people are dying at hospitals…but people are dying all the time in SA due to AIDS, poverty, health and crime etc. No I’m not being evil I’m trying to get the point across that these people work everyday of their lives in horrid conditions and they serve ‘us’ yes us. They keep our country running smoothly from day to day and they care and tend to patients who can put their lives at risk but they do it because its their ‘job’ and with out them we left as we are now…in a bad place!!!
And how can you turn away from those who have taught you in life…do our teachers not count as our parents our nurturers our second families???? So what many of you have gone to private schools but even then you know how much your teachers are shaping you are caring for you and are providing you with the skills to be ‘PEOPLE’!!!! These teachers are teaching your future presidents and ministers…your doctors and nurses…your businessmen and women…will you not care for their needs? The government has a surplus of wealth within their coffers (according to the last speech by the finance minister Trevor Manual); so should they not at least put part of it to those who teach our leaders?

Maybe at this venture I should leave it be so that people can mull over it but my mind is running on to so many other issues I want to talk about…. But please keep the above more in mind then what I will express below…

I’m a journalist right…so I should be objective in my ideas and writings right? (This is one for MJ we have argued this before but I will rant again here…) so why do I have this notion that no journalist is ever objective…why? Because we already formulated into a model that fits society. We grow up learning certain aspects regarding culture and society and ethics and institutionalized ideologies. Why am I going on about this well for the mere fact that I was reminded that I should be writing in an objective capacity while at the same time being told the paper has certain ‘ideas’ about a certain issue. Yes I know the political economy of the media is a big player in all of this ( I mean that was my fortay of study – I tutored and did honors in it) but it still leaves me very disillusioned about the whole idea of the media and whether objective reporting is a utopian ideology conceived by theorists who wished to push their own agenda (yes people figure that one out…I’m sure one of you clever nuts could J).

Another arb point in these ramblings is the need to express what power memories have in a persons life…yes very different from my above mentioned rambles, but also very relevant in any sense one may wish to perceive it. So I’ve been tripping down memory lane again and its been a wild trip. And I don’t mind doing it OCCASIONALLY. Been missing some lost friends and wondering whether there’s ever a right time for anything and whether having regrets now makes a difference. L me wonders if I will ever be able to get a chance to make things right with those I have wronged or I feel I have wronged…its hard I guess more when some of them are no longer with us in this world, but it also made me realized that I can do something about those who still are around. I can make it right with them! So I have set out making things right I hope though some people well I can’t seem to get through to on any level but atleast I know I’ve tried and I feel better about doing so. Also been tripping over good memories…the kind that makes you all warm and fuzzy inside wishing you could have them back. Memories have a certain power all of their own…they either make you cry, sad, happy, warm, fuzzy or neurotic. I like my memories I like that I can share things with so many people that others may never know about. “our little secrets” ( a song comes to mind lol)…anyway enough with all this…I’m out to make more memories and all my friends are invited :D

So my ramblings have some what come to the end…I told you before if I go on it will never stop…so I should stop here now before I kill thee of boredom…and no this is not my return just yet…this is my infintismal need to put words in a pot and stew them around…hopefully leading to the fulfillment of a master piece….go figure!!!

I’m outta here…

* efg *

*ME EVIL* __

Taken in CBD - Durban (i'm in love with town...the architecture, people and
excitement that breaths beneath the pale gray coverings of our eyes)

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