So i have been neglecting the blog a bit (according to some people) but honestly i haven't.
I just wanted the previous post to fester a bit :D

O well let me write...
Do you get those moments in life when its so peaceful and perfect...those moments when you alone and its only you and your thoughts??? I'm not talking about the period before you sleep but rather of the times when you awake...
Do you Get them????
Well i was lucky to have to such purrfect moments this last weekend...wel seriously just two such moments...and they were both in an aeroplane :D

Moments like those you just want to take out your pen and remember it all...but i couldn't... i let a perfect moment pass me by and i had no regrets about it.

When i should have been abale to write and express everything that sends me over the edge...i decided not to...My thoughts are my minds eyes...

Anyway on a different note...

I flew to Johannesburg this last weekend for an interview (i think my new employers are reading this :) but i still gotta write what i want too). The interview was awesome...though i felt out of depth for a bit, and maybe i came across as over chatty and a know it all...but honestly I'm not i have to keep learning and experiencing. I guess thats the main reason i wanted this job so badly. I want the challenge!!!
I honestly don't want to move to Jhb but if i have to i have to and this oppurtunity is too good to pass up...i'm lucky and fortunate to get it so i'm gonna grab it with all i have and hopefully learn more then i ever did at campus. (Campus lies when they say they preparing you for the future...its all a hoax i tell ya!!!!)

So guess whose the new junior at Mail and Guardian.....*Zah grins from ear to ear* :D

I promise all my friends to see them before i leav glorious Durban...but till then i am madly busy...still gotta giv in resignation letter...find accomodation...get me some wheels...and try and find my footing....


*Me Evil* |__|

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