Strictly Laughter

Yah you guess it. I went to see Riaad Moosa in action last nite. His comedy show Strictly Halaal was hmmmm BRILLIANT. As usual Riaad has this flair of keeping us all in stitches through out his hour long show. That and the fact that he makes fun of everything and everyone it matters not.

Its interesting how he is so brilliantly clever and a doctor and decides to do comedy instead. :)
Ya the face does it all...
If anyone can get hold of his stuff take a listen worth the effort!


Been watching Cars again...what a little brilliant movie and made me think of some of my favourite animated movies. I have to say that my fav must definitely be Monsters Inc. after that I guess it'll be Finding Nemo, Shrek and Shrek2...So guys which are your favourite animated movies. I guess I enjoy the whole idea behind animated movies. Its like you able to lose yourself in the moment and maybe relive a piece of your childhood. Keeps us young and lets us enjoy the experience even more. I could list all the animated movies I love but whats the point if I don't at least try to explain the reasons of my fascination.

Animation allows one to enjoy the movie with out really having to deal with the fact that it may be some world star actor/actress. Yes, I know that they most probably doing the voice overs but seriously the true genius comes from the creators and that's amazing all on its own.
Can you imagine a movie racking in millions of dollars in its opening week and its all through the creators...hmmm interesting ain't it?
They write the story, they produce the characters, they draw it, they give them life...
And we totally love it!!!

So guys give me your 5 favourite (recent) animated movies ( I know I'm making it difficult by saying 5 but hey can't write them all!). Here are mine in no particular order:

1. Monsters Inc.

2. Shrek
3. Finding Nemo
4. Ice Age
5. Cars

.....And lots lots more not forgetting Toy Story...

*******To Infinity and Beyond************

(Yes I know they all Pixar films but what can i say they are really good)
And Yes I did not forget about Disneys classics like Aladdin and Lion King...but I'm looking at the new animated world.

hmmm this is me trying with a cellphone
trying to capture the beauty of the Madinah Minarats
and Allahs beautiful creation of the moon and the stars
Not the best of pictures but maybe some of you can feel the power I felt that night
The night being last year December (9th) just before Hajj
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Bone to pick!!

Okay okay would some one please explain to me the concept of chain mail letters. Well in this case emails!!!I do not get why would it affect me getting a guy or a happy married life or anything for that matter??
And the worse are the definite Islamic ones...Will me not forwarding it to other people make Allah love me less?
Whats with that?
Okay so I'm ranting and raving but seriously why? Whats the point and who the hell started this?

Whats the Point?

Following the money topic posted earlier...I've been wondering whats the sense and point to life. I mean at the moment I'm going through a stage were I feel like I haven't done anything worth it in my life?
Life is about making your mark in the world in many ways...right? Well how is it I feel like I haven't yet or more like I don't even know what that mark should be?
All my 22 going on 23 years feel a bit wasted or maybe its just my frustration speaking?
(That or I'm intensely psychotic - I guess that's the reason hehe)
Come on I'm studying what I (Kinda) wanted to but I feel like I haven't accomplished nothing!!! *sigh*

The Purple Romance

shooting star,
wishes, dreams, life
come true
Make a wish guys, and do not let those special moments walk by without a hello.

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