Blood, Bombs, Guns...Adrenaline Rush!

I have been running around like a headless chicken and suffering from a huge dose of insomnia. Due to this I have been very much online with Twitter and the likes there of. No wonder on Wednesday night I got a little tweet to tell me about the events unfolding in Mumbai. I was shocked, horrified and dismayed.

Staying up till the morning [or rather not sleeping at all] I tracked events and at the same time felt helpless without satellite news and a working internet connection. Thank god Twitter can be easily accessed through your phone and as most of you know I can be highly addicted to my phone.

But this is not about twitter, though it was the first to bring the breaking news to people across the globe. Big thumbs up to citizen journalism and yes there is a place in the world for you guys but I have to say it is restricted to breaking news.

This is about the thoughts and horror stories that filled my head while watching events unfold. And know that its still happening 2 days on.

My first thoughts were of course who is claiming responsibility for these attacks. Will they again go after the usual "Muslim Terrorist" - those crazy fundamentals? Will India blame Pakistan for the attacks? Can this lead to a nuclear war? [Not forgetting that India and Pakistan both have nuclear warheads lying in their backyards]. Also was this was turning out to be India's 9/11. What action will the country take? Those questions can't be answered as yet since the gun battles are still going on. Attacking the Taj and Oberoi hotels was extremely clever planning and these gunmen were definitely not 'normal' islamic terrorists. Precise planning and tech capabilities are allowing them to run havoc in the financial capital of India.

Worrying as this all was I was sad that I was missing from the action. I was actually wishing I was there reporting being in the thick of it all. Reminded me of the adrenaline rush I felt during May this year in South Africa, when the xenophobic attacks were happening.

No I am not saying that I condone the attacks. I CONDEM it completely but as a journalist its in my blood to want to be there, to feel the adrenaline coursing through my veins. To let it all subside and to let the tears come at the horror that you see and witness. I am human and tears will be natural for I am a girl with feelings. But I would still want to be there. I want to tell the news and I want to tell it as it happens. If it was not for those witnessing it first hand I would not have heard about it till the next morning like a lot of my friends.

Where am I leading with all this?

Well no where exactly. Its just me putting my thoughts down and letting you all know about it. Its me agreeing that citizen journalism rocks for breaking news. Its me showing that I'm a little crazy wanting to be in the thick of things and not caring about my own self. Its just all about me.

On another note on me, another reason I have been running around without a head [see first line on chickens] is I'm writing a few articles for World Aids Day on Monday. Have you ever tried coordinating an article with a round up from all parts of Africa?

Yicks its an intense hard process, but I pulled it off. Now its wait and see if the editor loves or hates it. [hoping loves it!!!]

Its hard doing these stories. You meet people living with the virus who give you hope and show you that love exists and then you meet others who make your heart break into a million pieces.

Hoping to have something written up for my blog on Monday. All depends on the madness that will arise with my stories from today till Sunday night.

Be safe everyone

And my condolences to the families in Mumbai and to everyone effected and affected with HIV/AIDS!!!


PS: and there was the #27Dinner this week…awesome people out there. Photo Credit to Za5

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For this post I will get on the bandwagon like everyone before me and honour the change in the world...

The first American Black President!
The Obamas and their two daughters, Sasha (center) and Malia, celebrate in Des Moines, Iowa after Barack's victory in the Oregon primary. (Tribune photo by Zbigniew Bzdak 2008)

Though we may all be in awe of this man and his achievements, for me the biggest question will be how will he be handling his foreign policy? This will be the main decision he will have to make and it will be done soon within the weeks. The president elect has a hard task ahead and now we will see if he can meet his commitments.

The Guardian has been running some interesting and intellectual pieces of article which you can read here.

Now we all wait and see...

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Love in the time of Crisis

The last week and this have been a crazy time and I know its not going to be any easier. My darling cousin got proposed/engaged to a friend of mine which is brilliant for me – I think. You maybe wondering why I wrote it as ‘proposal/engaged’, well that’s because I realized that to me it all means the same. I personally think that we – Indians – have a tendency of wanting to do too much. They come see the girl, then they come propose, then they have engagement, then its mendhi before the wedding, and even maybe a qwaali [think I spelt that wrong but it’s a music night or something], then its kataam night for the Muslims [were the Qur

an is completed to give the new couple blessing] AND THEN is the wedding…and walimah. So the problem was that none of us knew what to call this little event that took place. The boy’s side came and they put the ‘chain’ so I’m calling it an engagement…

Another thing that I maybe at fault in doing is that I’m looking too much into this thing. You lost as to what I’m talking about right? Well I mean it’s my fav cousin [who is only 6months my junior] and a friend of mine who I get along with brilliantly. So it should work out perfectly …right? Or maybe not. [I am not talking about their marriage here but about my relationship with them]. I mean who am I to think that I can 24/7 hang out with them when they all married. Eish the issues lol but I’m over glad its them together. They happy and good together and the advantage is that I can barge into their home when ever. **big grin on my face**cheeks and all**

Though people are thinking that I would be next since she got hitched but I keep reminding them that I’m not ready for it nor do I want it right now. “I have too much to do and too much to see.” But they have it stuck still in their heads that I will casually find someone all of a sudden and get buckled. Like I mean do they not realize that my life is now definitely off on a tangent to another place? At one stage I may have welcomed the fact that I would find someone or had found someone to settle down with, but recently I realized the more I stayed away from home and the more I got to know me, the more I didn’t want it. Don’t get me wrong… if someone comes along and its meant to be it will be and I will not stop the process, but right now I will definitely not see what is in front of me because I choose not to. I choose to see what life has to offer me with out the need of having to have a better half. They say the better half would complete me and that I will see the world with him in a different light but I want to see it in the light that belongs solely to me. “Mine all mine.” Selfish as that may sound I know that if I didn’t try to do everything I wanted to now I would regret jumping into something I don’t want at the moment.

“I will get married to the one I want and need, when I want and need him, not before and not after.”

[maybe one day I will choke on those words but till then I will live with it!]

On to more brilliant and informative issues. I have come to realize that the world is a whole lot of superficial hogwash. Economic crisis, financial meltdown, food crisis, climate crisis, war crisis, nuclear crisis…damn only CRISIS’!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now really [come to think of it why would you get married and have kids with all these crisis’?] is this what the world is coming to? At the moment with the job I have I seem to be only coming across the bad in the world. Its making me grow a thicker skin that I feel I am loosing myself. I’m at that point were if I don’t step back these issues and the human suffering that comes with it will wash of my back and mean nothing to me. Its like watching the bad on tv continuously so that it goes in one ear comes out another and that you don’t give a flying F^%k what happens. “if its not me or my family why should I bother?” Emotionally detachment from all that surrounds you.

With out human emotion there is no love, no hope and no promise of a better tomorrow…

PS: wonder if anyone got my title ;)

PPS: Watching the US elections closely…finally stretch…what surprises are in store?!?!? Anyone?

And have you noticed how the elections are overshadowing the financial meltdown? Attention has moved away from the bail outs and are now on Sarah Palins phathetic attempts at dressing and economics….Palin and Bush = Dumb and Dumber :P

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It’s been a crazy few days. Running around a zoo with little kids was the one of the most enjoyable parts of the weekend that passed. Its amazing how they make you want to see life in a different way. The kids that I was running after was 7 out of the big batch that arrived from the day care and aftercare centre south of Johannesburg. Osizweni – a Zulu term for ‘place of help’ – looks after orphans or children coming from broken homes. It is an Islamic Relief project and I firmly believe that it is doing an incredible job.

Most of the kids [or rather all of them] had never visited a zoo before and the most they know about the animals are those they hear in stories. “Roar like a lion”… “meow”… “no a cat meows”… “ok”

A small conversation passed between myself and some of the little ones and volunteers.

“Whats big and grey and uses its nose to eat with?”

“My favourite animal is a baboon. Can we see that?”

“most definitely”

We didn’t end up seeing the baboon though but a rather big gorilla which put on a splendid show for the kids by obliging and coming out of his little house in the enclosure and posing on the rocks before heading onto the ‘jungle gym’. Getting to leave that place may have taken a good half and hour of our time. Also it was about then that we started realising we had one little terror who wished to join the animals at every opportunity he got.

Little Eden kept us running on our toes but I thoroughly had a ball of a time with him. Unlike the rest who were quiet he and Yolanda – a pretty little thing with her corn rows and sunglasses – made my day. They were noisy, naughty and fun as little kids should be.

“So can you roar like a lion?”



The day moved steadily on. With loads of animals and really not much time to see them all, we minimised the animals we saw to keep it to the big ones and the ones they knew and recognised. Stamping towards the animals we came to the playful seals and Eden thought he could catch a swim with them. Nothing fazed him at all and this helped to get the others more and more involved.

Question – why does the lion enclosure and all the good animals have to be so so far away?

“I’m tired now. Its so hot. SIGH.”

“Let’s stop for a water break guys. Right everyone have some water.”

Lions, and tigers and bears and elephants and snakes and gorillas – lets not forget the snakes – thrilled them to bits. But where were the tigers hiding. “We can’t see them”.

Not knowing where they could be we walked towards a building that formed part of the enclosure. Strict instructions at the door. “Do not go pass the yellow line. You little ones hold on to an adults hands,” said the lady at the door. Fortunately she managed to catch us before Eden or Yolanda went through without us. “Where are they?” “There they are.” Seeing them Yolanda and Thembisile clutched tightly onto my hands. While thankfully John – an older child – had Eden by the hand while ‘Aunty Taahira’ and Aunty Dinah held the rest.

The day was broken with lunch and a rest and a birthday for one of the dear care givers at the centre.

I would write more about the events that occurred after including my run with the 3 older ones in our group from the main entrance to the croc area on the other side of the world but the story would just be a ramble.

Also check out the pic here.

**The care centre is an Islamic Relief project but huge thanks goes to Zeenat Ghoor for organising the countless volunteers and making sure we all had lovely groups of kids and to Aunty Lucy who did as much planning as anyone can to make sure the day was a success.**

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I've been ordered by BiBi to write again.
You may be wondering about the long and lengthy absence but I've been a tad disinterested in life at present. Trying to manage through to the end of Ramadan was not that difficult. The idea of going home for Eid was making it all the more easier.

But my concentration has been shot out the window/door/house/building. And this has left me in limbo not knowing where to go and what to do. Also other factors have been steadily creeping back into my life. No matter how hard I try to keep them away. Some one told me the reason for it was I never dealt with it when I should have at the right time and that’s the reason they coming back. But is there ever a right way to deal with anything?

So noting that I decided to finally start getting back on track. Been reading loads of blogs even though I have not written any in awhile and some have been profound and have started making me rethink life. Others are there just to put a smile on my face :)

Getting back into the blogging world again... what is there really to write about? What would I say that could make any difference? Why would anyone want to even read my stuff?

Then I realised I write what I want for myself. Like most of my fellow bloggers at the moment are doing. So what is it that I want to say?
Should it be important or whimsical?

I think I rather leave it as a mash up of thoughts and ideas. So this is a very much mash up and quick recount of what's been happening.

Ghana as previously shouted was awesome. You can catch the pics here.

Nothing beats travelling Africa and I hope to continue doing it.

Something that has caught my total attention has to be the huge American market rescue. With them failing so has ours. But the thing is why the F&^king H&ll are we still so economically attached to a floundering one. Have our markets not learnt since the great depression and so. Another thing if we have other markets which are now such awesome leaders why should America matter to us?

Then again I never studied ecos so I would have to ask for further clarification by my more competent friends on explaining the reason the rand is weaker to the dollar if the American market is collapsing?

In another direction…following on the Ever-Greats post on choices and loved ones…it got me thinking would I ever do anything that was a good choice?
What's a choice? Is what's good in my eye good in another's?

Will blog again… soon soon

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Zim --- changes?

I found this poor guy at the corner of Sandton Drive and William Nicol and convinced him for a pic. He obliged as long as Idid not capture his face.

I think many of us are now holding our breath and hoping that the deal signed today between Mugabe and Tsvingari will bring peace and stability to the once rich country. As many Zimbabweans I have met along the way remind me... "We will go back, if we get peace and you can have your country again"... the problem is the peace and stability. People do not want to live in fear for their and their families lives.

This is hoping that the new signed deal with a Prime Minister and a President and 2 Dep PM's and 2 Dep Pres' will bring the much needed peace to this beautiful conutry.
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Current Addictions...Tag you It!

So I was surprisingly tagged after ages by Fatima who was absent for a while from the realm. Being Brazen and Prixie started the tag session and I should not complain much as this hasn't happened in a good while. 

So the whole thing is on current addictions and this in its self is hard to do…

I mean I still have my past addictions to deal with but here goes:

1. Social Media -- I have mentioned it before so will not repeat myself on this note.


2. Flings and Cream Soda -- this addiction is technically an old one but it resurfaced just before Ramadan started and only my darling Lulu and Sums would understand the need for flings with cream soda. ;)

3. Gadgets -- anything electronic I can lay my hands on regardless of the make which I know saddens Killa.


4. Books -- sadly unlike Fatima, I read everything and anything I can lay my hands on. Can't wait for Christopher Paollini's final book releasing end of this month.


5. Shoes but mainly new tekkies J


I'm sure there are many more addictions but I have to say many are old ones I can't get rid of J


So who to tag hmmm:

  1. Killa
  2. The Ever Great One
  3. Organ Harvester
  4. Mauro Correia

And the rules are:

What you need to do:

*Post at least five current addictions (with some details please).
*Mention the person who started this game of tag and also the person who just tagged you.
*Type your post with the heading "Current addictions".
*Tag at least two people and pass on the above rules.

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Disclaimer: This post was first published on
The reason for reposting it here is to make sure that my other readers get a chance to share in the debate.

Welcome to the land of the Gold Coast and the slave traders. Yes Akwaaba means welcome and you certainly are as I mentioned previously in my last post. Here again this is just a quick drop in as I sadly have no time for something longer and more to the liking of my choice.

The reason for being in Accra is to attend and produce three newspapers for the Third High Level Forum for Aid Effectiveness. Basically as Muslims and during this month of Ramadan which is not only a month of fasting but also a month of charity giving, the forum should be of great interest to us. And to us also who spring from the developing world and who have great ties with volunteer and aid programmes.

The forum was to discuss how aid given by donors and donor countries can be best used and aligned in partner/recipient countries to help eradicate poverty. That is the main and general aim. I have my doubts on such forums and conferences as I’m a person who rather see it happening then just to hear all the talking going on.

For a full update on what has been going on check out our paper TerraViva online. We also produced a TerraViva surrounding issues raised by civil society organisations.Hopefully that will give some of you a better idea of the situation and conditions that some of us as volunteers don’t really see or have to deal with.

My concern is that will all this talk is it possible to give aid better?

Also can you do it while being neutral in a situation as you should always be?

The reason I ask this is that as Muslims we are also passionate about these topics, but can we look pass this and help everyone regardless of religion or race or political issue?

Can you honestly say that you would help a Jewish woman and child if they need help? Can you help a Taliban or American if they need the help? Can you do what is best for the person to eradicate poverty while looking pass some of the autrocities that government does? (eg. China and human right violations)

So with those questions I urge you as Muslims in this month to think about who you are as a person and how would you react in a situation that calls you to be a Muslim first and foremost.

I see Christian church leaders and organistions here representing and helping with out thought of religion, ethnicity or race but I see only one, yes ONE muslim organisation. Yes I know its not always about being present but it is indeed always about having a say and being heard. Where are our voices?

In terms of the fasting. Alhamdulliah I seem to only be feeling it for the first time today. And I have now met more and more muslims in Accra then when I first arrived. I was also fortunate enough to be pointed towards a Masjid but sadly it was not a prayer time. Inshallah I will be back here soon to see Ghana in a different way and a different light.

Will give more details on certain events that happened while i was here for this blog post.


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Smiles all around

You can find it all anywhere in Accra

Trying to write this in between the hectic schedule I have at the moment in Ghana.

Ghana is definitely not what I expected at all. Neither is Ramadan for me here. I have been so busy working and meeting people that the fact that I am fasting seems to have passed me by. Except the fact that I really really need some sleep.

Other then that it is an amazing experience.

Firstly, we all know that fasting is hard in the first week no matter what we do or say or think. The change in the body obliterates our senses. Hunger pangs, mood swings and the idea that we have to stay at peace with the next person. Sure thing I did not have to fast since I am a traveller, but I chose to and I will live with my decision as being the right choice I made in ages.

Alhamdulillah it has been so far so good and reaching the end of the second day has passed me by. The difficulty though is waking up after only about two to three hours of sleep. Mission is an understatement.

Leaving the airport after two hours waiting for the shuttle to the hotel, I got my first real glimpse of Accra. Accra is what my travelling companion labelled as “typically African”. She insisted that it also had the “African smell which is missing in Cape Town and Johannesburg”. I’m sure she would know more then me as Ghana is only my third African country apart from Madagascar and Egypt (which according to the UN it forms part of the Middle East – if you confused let me know will explain it better).

So Sunday passed by in a whirlwind of work and seeing Accra come to life. And just because its Sunday does not for one minute mean that people are scarce or the roads are quiet. Busy is the way of life here and I love the people. All smiles no matter what. The first thing though that hit me was the poverty. Poverty in the middle of town, outside town just everywhere. Driving into the city we passed areas that would maybe resemble Alexandra township in Johannesburg. (will try and get the pics uploaded soon).

Driving back to the hotel I heard the Azaan. I was a little surprised as it was eminating from the middle of no where – in other words no minarets present for me to identify where the masjid was. This was the call for Esha and the first Taraweeh of the month. I wished right at that moment I could get off the shuttle and hunt the masjid down. But seeing as it was my first night I decided against it.

Instead I got back to the hotel and made sure I ordered food that would be good enough to keep for sehri the next morning. Getting up for sehri is hard in a different country and its harder when you alone with out your room-mates or family but I some how dragged myself out of bed.

Iftar was not that different actually. I sat on the stairs outside the forum hall watched the sunset and waited for my alarm to go off so I knew it was time. Unfortunately where the conference and forums are being held its in central town and no masjid is close by to hear azaan.

So far the days go on…

Will explain more about what I am doing here in the next post hopefully.

Full winded posts soon.

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Bumbling Monarchs...

Trying to write something of substance for my blog is like shooting in the dark -- a needle in a haystack but that’s me. I write when and where I want to if I want to. Normally it would never be a problem but these days there is so much that I want to write but I can't get around to doing so or finding the time to even contemplate doing it.

I thought that I would finally get some me time to fiddle around and expand my horizons since starting my new job, but none of that has been possible. I was first thrown in the deep end to cover the Southern Africa Development Community summit, which included meeting some presidents and writing a story on something I did not know about but I should have, since it affected women in southern Africa. The Gender Protocol was signed that weekend but it was barely mentioned in any of the papers or televised programmes. And meeting new people. Loads of new people and finding out that one of them has ulterior motives to knowing me. Learning to give that person a cold shoulder and learning that I need to invest in a fake wedding ring. Yah all that in four days. Totally interesting if not the most profound experience.

Now I'm being shipped off to Ghana and I can't wait for the experience, but o boy do I have lots to catch up on. When I was first told that I was going it was to be in the capacity of a spear writer in case it was needed. Now I have started two articles for the forum --- it’s the 3rd High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness --- and I know there should be about three more to write. All this while trying to keep my first week of fast for Ramadhaan is sure going to be interesting in the least.

I love different countries and places and I hope I can fit in some touring. If not I will have to be satisfied with meeting tons of new people as per usual. Makes me wonder what else will get thrown my way when I get back.

I know I have few heady plans in the pipeline after Ramadhaan. Eid is going to be as crazy as ever. Mid-week taking leave and going home is going to be crazy and then coming back and having to work that Friday.

On to something a bit distant and arb. At the SADC summit a fellow journalist and myself were disgusted with the behaviour of a few colleagues' from Swaziland. As many of you know Swaziland is a country ruled by a monarch. So as journalists you oppose rulers who feel it is their right to control the media and its people, especially one such as the Swazi Monarch. Fine we understand if you work for the media controlled papers, radio station and television studios. We understand you are made to follow rules and regulations. But when you stand and praise your monarch in loud voices instead of doing your job as you should, you earn the disrespect of your fellow journalists.

Asking them why they did that was like insinuating that we knew better. No we don't. We are also humans and we also make the same faults but what they did was outrageous and unprecedented. I had never before experienced something to that effect and I hope never will I.

I am not saying that what I do is right but to stand and holler while your own camera is rolling footage makes you wonder if not everything is just an act.

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Hello...and Goodbye...

In the last month so much has come and gone. Yes to all my readers who I have neglected I am sorry.

It’s been a hectic month of running after stories, job hunting, interview pressure and excitement at being offered a job I would not have thought I was the best candidate for.

I have been offered the job of junior journalist at Inter Press Service Africa []. This is indeed a step up from being the Mail & Guardian intern but the one thing I have to say is that being an intern at the M&G is not like being an intern anywhere else.

Your job description on paper may say intern but in reality you one of the journalists working at the M&G. You are treated no differently and are expected to produce good, quality material at all times or when ever asked of you. I have learnt to write under pressure or relaxed. I have written hard breaking news and features. I have done stories of human interest, global issues, technology and economic issues. I wrote on subjects I had no idea about and through this have learnt a whole lot more.

I am ever grateful to the team at M&G who have nurtured me through the last year. The ones who put their trust in a very fresh young journalist who still needed to learn the ropes. The friendships I have forged with the team I will eternally hold on to.

Now on to the wide world. IPS will be amazing and challenging to work for and honestly … I’m thrilled at the prospect. With IPS there is also the opportunity of international recognition and the hope of travel.

I have the travel bug real bad and this may help that a little. Being based in the Africa office though that will be limited to stories in Africa but I don’t mind. I can honestly not wait.

Hopefully I don’t fall flat on my face though…but come what may I really look forward to it.

This last month has also seen other developments. I have become attached to my social mediums and have learnt that people I thought I knew are not the ones I really know. I have learnt that sometimes your friends are the ones you least expect. A few past friends have now renewed their friendships with me…makes me wonder why they stopped in the first place and I question their motives now but I gladly open my arms to them as we all have been through to much together not to. But I’m glad for these life lessons.

I’m so going to miss everyone here at M&G…

Love you all lots!!!



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So the Spanish finally did it after a 44 year drought. I have to say though that they did definitely outplay the Germans though there were times of German brilliance and attack that left me wondering if the Spanish could keep there one goal score line in tack. I watched the final with Killa and I know it was hard on him to see his team go out like that. to read his full match report check it out on Swoosh0018. Though he will kill me for blogging this I had to share my excitement.

All in all i'm hoping that this some what young Spanish side will live to their full potential and grace us with their presence in 2010.


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My Gorgeous flowers...
Lilys are one of my favourite flowers other then Orchids.
Thanks for them &^%

Searching the constellation...

Been doing a little soul searching lately and came to the realisation I didn’t want to search my soul. The more I think and try to look for answers the more I loose myself. So what may come will come. I have made this decision before on numerous occasions but hopelessly I must admit never kept to it much. I fight with things that come my way and don’t let the inevitable happen as it should. But I guess that is my nature and that is what I have learnt in the past few years.

Though I wonder if there is a way I could have learnt things better. Or some times learnt the real lesson that needed to be learnt and not the other which is really meaningless to my existence.

Does life ever change?

The best thing some one said/sent to me in the last few days was:

“It's all a learning process. The day you stop learning is the day you start becoming irrelevant ;-)”

I guess then that come what may I most probably may or may not repeat the same mistakes over and over again and the day I start realising that I have learnt the wrong thing from that mistake and that’s the reason I keep repeating the mistake is the day I learn more then I had before.

(That some how made complete sense in my head!!!)

Thank you to the dude who gave me the most gorgeous bunch of flowers this past weekend. Will post a pic soon. And they are my favourite flowers. Thanks for brightening up my mood everyday I come home and see them.

Right now to the more important thing…

EURO 2008

I’m loving the ball that’s been played in the tournament so far. With the surprises and the quality on display its no wonder that the Euro’s have is the next most watched event after the Football World Cup. And may over take that in a few years (or even this year – we will await the figures after the tournament).

Turkey last night from the little we were able to watch was sublime and all credits to Germany who were able to contain the continuous onslaught to come out victorious. This I must remind you were a second string Turkish side as most were out through suspension or injury. Turkey you do your country proud.

The semi tonight is going to be just as spectacular. My friends keep reminding me not to forget the Guus Curse – the ability by Guus Hiddink to take the minnows of every tournament to the semi-finals. And boy can Russia produce some upsets. Spain may have beaten them in the round robins but this is a changed Russian team. They playing the type of football we use to seeing from countries like Italy and France who are not in the semi-finals this time around. I for one will not underestimate them or their talent.

(o and on the pic was too lazy to look for bigger image lol and hey killa its for you :P )


Next point:

Been doing some amazing stories lately and loving the thrill of deadlines. Though I’m in the market for a new job I’ve also found two other passions and have been pursing that a bit as of late.

Maybe its something that will ultimately just be more of a nothing then a something but I’m learning that I still have the ability to learn – and who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Lol

The first passion I’m sure people have caught on already… I’m becoming a bit of a social medium whore – and I love it.

You guys can find me on Twitter, Plurk, Facebook, Friendfeeder, and a few others I will not divulge as yet. I’m loving the interaction and sociability that I’m finding through these different platforms. The people I meet also have imparted more valuable knowledge then they realise. I’ve learnt more about my blog and how to blog and about sites and arb information I’m sure most of my immediate friends would never know or would not even care about. I’ve also made the most amazing friends through these mediums and for me that’s a total added bonus.

My other passion is something though I will keep as my secret for now…

But keep your ears open to the sounds of the underground ;)

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Erratic state of affairs

My posts of late have been somewhat haphazard and erratic, but that is generally the state of my thoughts as well so it would only be natural. On another deviant post I’d just like to say thanks to all the wonderfully people who responded to my cry for help at the camps.

New developments suggest that these camps will be moved to permanent premises in the Midrand area but this does not mean they still don’t need your help. I’m also glad to know that people have taken the initiative from the start to help. Stories we have been covering do not anywhere close enough cover all the stories of love and warmth expressed by people we meet along the way.

Some don’t even want their stories retold but I pray to God to keep them safe. They are definitely angels. Along with a few other stories I nearly jumped on a bus to Harare till they started arresting journalists again and sentencing them to 6months in prison.

Surprising how this goes under the radar with most people and to think a few months ago we were calling everyone to fight for the release of the British journo. Now South African journo’s are in jail and been sentenced and no one seems to care or give a damn. Something seems very wrong with that picture…don’t you think?!?!?!

When someone has answers to BOBs madness please let me know.

So Obama is now the leading presidential candidate for the Democratics… this makes me think of what I previously wrote on the topic of the US presidential race.

Interestingly the US presidential hopefuls are in the midst of their elections. The focus greatly on the two Democrat candidates – Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Is this a suggestion that the tide has changed so much so that people want a Democrat even if they maybe black or a woman. (Is the US ready for such a change?) The republican hopefuls are also having their very same elections but all you see in the media are the Democrat hopefuls..

The policy decisions made by any future president of the most powerful nation in the world will undoubtedly play a major part in the rest of the world – are we, the world, ready to be ruled by a black man or a white woman?

Things have not changed much from the last time that was written. I’m scared to know what will happen when the proper election run begins. Seriously though I was all for Obama winning but now I’m unsure about that. As the race goes on what he stood for seems to have changed a little, but then again I have no deep understanding of US politics so who am I to say anything?

If he does become the next US president then I will see what he is really made of. His comments about “We must be as careful getting out of Iraq as we were careless getting in” and “This is our time. Our time to turn the page on the policies of the past.”, gives me some hope.

In another post I also went through the turmoil within my head on the whole job situation. Nothing much has changed on that front except the parents have declared that I should apply for everything that comes my way and “you never know something will happen”. Now if anyone has a good motivation letter to pass my way and a few tips please do so.

It will be greatly highly appreciated!!!!

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United for Africa...

Before I forget....

I would like to thank Quirk eMarketing for their wonderful initiative on United For Africa. This site based on the wonderful engine is plotting all hot spots and unrest in South Africa at present.

Anyone who has an incident to report especially all journalists please please please help update the site on a continuous basis.


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