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Yesterday seemed to be another passing day the only significance to it was the fact that I some how managed to turn a year older. But as my friends say I never grow up. I wonder…is it possible to get older but stay young?
This train of thought naturally leads me to one of my all time favourite books…Peter Pan, the boy who never wanted to grow up. Sounds a bit like me but the whole move to Johannesburg has changed that. I’ve grown in leaps and bounds and have found out the hard way that I really cannot tolerate most women (or rather I cannot tolerate them while I live with them).
The freedom also has gotten to me but I miss home enough to be excited with the prospect of leaving and driving 600km on my own just to see home again.

Anyway on a different note…you know we always ask ourselves what models really get up to… well moi had the pleasure of some how being chosen to do a little short photo-shoot session (along with a few others from M&G) for our advertising and marketing feature on the M&G Cabinet Report Card. I set out with three other women from M&G and I will tell you that they are gorgeous people. Anyway we head off to the photo-shoot and surprise surprise I feel like I’m finally in the wrong profession.

I mean in which office can you conduct a photo-shoot and find the kitchen lady cooking for you all at once. Wait not a kitchen lady but a COOK!!! Anyway back to the point…

Stand there…look at me…turn your face to the left but look at me…now turn it to the right and still look at me…tilt your chin up…higher…give me attitude…wait a moment…there better…nice…move the board a little down on the left…good…okay that’s it!!!

And it was all over as fast as it began…so really how hard can it be being a model?

Well from the few friends I know who do it as a living it is harder then the simple shoot I visited on this day, but maybe this little shoot will make me famous lol (I doubt it – all they wanted was my chubby cheeks *giggles*). The whole trying to give what the public want to meet instant gratification is definitely an ugly business. The modelling world is no different but this is one area I will not foray into in the near future.

On a different note…we are heading to Polokwane, to see in the new President of the African National Congress and most probably the new president of South Africa. No matter what our opinions maybe with regards to the two distinctive candidates…I think many of us are forgetting about the other issues.

What about the ANC’s future plans, those that the new president will implement. How will they look to govern the future and the lands and people in it? Will they take a new stance on the policy of HIV/AIDS in South Africa or will we still be lead down the road less trodden? Will the economic inflation and interest rate hikes continue? Will women get equal opportunity or not?

Theses are the ultimate questions we should be asking but we seem so caught up in the one of who will rule that we have left these on the wayside. Sure the new president would be the influential power but he will not be going at it alone. These few questions come from a bigger pot that needs asking and these questions will ultimately then decide who will be the ruler of South Africa come the next elections.

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