Guess who? Would you ever?!?!?!?


Apparently I'm supposed to write the continuation of my holiday post but I just can't seem to get around to doing it :)

After the wedding was the Walimah in Durban, a week later... so was even better then making the way to Jhb... So this is the cousins yah mainly us girls with the one boy in the family who loves taking photos.
The holidays after that continued making me a total beach bum, especially since the Jhb cousins being around.
Not forgetting that Eid fell in between. Eid was a glorious family affair especially since a lot of the cousins from around SA were together after ages.
That night being new years was weird...we ended up at the beachfront though it was pouring, at my cousins place. All we did was stand on the balcony and carry on like kids...shouting at everyone passing by..was so much of fun :)
....More to follow....

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