My Mad far

So I've been away this holiday and all I can really say was YAY BRILL!!!!
My cousin decided to finally get married so the whole gang (and i seriously mean WHOLE 64 strong gang) were holidaying in Jhb. guess the brill part was the fact we all stayed together and kept the rest of the hotel up hehehe
so we arrive on Friday (8/12/06) morning and fortunately we able to check in early. Have lunch at my cousins place after Jumuah with most of everyone who made it up in time. the noise levels my family are able to produce is off the charts...

Getting ready for the wedding the next day was pure entertainment...imagine girls running around from room to room trying to get ready was i just sat and watched till I could use the bathroom lol the wedding was brill no doubt about that... This is almost the entire family missing a few people. I know not the best of pics but it'll do till i get a better one :)

We ended up at Gold Reef City the next day...I used the excuse it was my birthday and everyone had to do what i wanted...I so refused to visit another mall...argh...yah I know I'm a girl but that sure doesn't mean i need to always be shopping!


O my Word!!!

My blog is worth $1,693.62.
How much is your blog worth?

Yoh guys who would think me typing shit could actually be worth something...interesting notion aint it! :)

World Aids Day

Today being internationl AIDS day, I've been thinking...

So many people die with this everyday yet we are so ignorant of it. In South Africa thousands day each day due to AIDS related diseases. And the stigma sometimes lasts generations. So my question is this...does having and intenational AIDS day really help or does it impound the problem? What are the reasons for such a day?

Is there a point to it? What role does the media play in such a day? And whether they a fulfilling there mandate to do so?
I know its just more questions but i'm a bit two minded about the whole thing. In a sense it may be good in terms of building awareness but on the other hand it also could impound the fact that many live with the stigma of AIDS.
Just some thoughts

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