What does it mean to loose some one????
I've experienced loss on many levels. But the finality of loss is even harder to bear. The ultimate type of loss to me is that of death. And some how everyone i know has experienced it one way or the other.

So whats the whole point of this...well my helplessness is the point.
My non-worthiness (another made up word i know) and my uselessness at not being able to find the right words and to make it all okay. A dear friend loses someone who means the world to them and i can't find the words to make it all okay. Utter helplessness i guess is what i feel. I wish i could give the said friend a huge hug and hold friend close and say it'll be okay but i would be lying...its not okay to lose it hurts like hell and years down the line it'll still hurt. the most i guess i can do is to let said friend know that they not alone and that their friends are there if they ever need to talk or to be held...a hug goes along way (o so i think)...but then again who am i to think????

I only have lost a few times and the one that i still feel the most about happened almost a decade ago. To think 1992 seems like yesterday to me *sigh*... proves the point that loss always remains within you and the pain you felt then you'll feel a million yrs on...

the most i can tell you dear friend is that you and your family are in my duas and so is every other person who has lost and who i know...

i find solace in my friends and i hope said friend will find solace in us....


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So this is a cry out for help...
I've never packed like this before i have no idea where to start...i'm going crazy becuase i don't feel like starting lol....
Peoples please help....
Yah I'm a first timer in this sense, the most i've ever packed was the usual overseas trips and stuf but those meant i was coming home even if it was after a month...this is so new too me i'm supposed to pack for a year (yes i know things can be sent to me after but if you know me you'll also know i want stuf now and now lol no waiting for it)...the most i have packed is mmmm ZILCH!!!!

oooo i'm going car shopping tomorrow doesnt that feel wierd lol
car shopping like i'm going to the supermarket....mmmm can i hav a bit of gear lock and sum power steering and a blast of aircon....oooo dnt forget the radio on the side....:P

mad i tell you absolutely mad

*EVIL ME* |__|

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