New Foundations ...

It beens a while since I posted or blogged for that matter on either of my blogs. Theres been a reason for this. More then anything i wanted to start anew. I thought that once I found the right host and started creating a new site [], I would find peace and my love for blogging would continue.

But damn was I wrong. Not only did I start learning xml/html/design I became so fussy to a point of going through countless themes till I found the right one. A few of my friends even helped me out by other offering pearls of wisdom [thanks Saaleha] or testing out whether my themes actually worked or not on the various browsers available [thanks to saaleha, nafisa, killa and Aasia] and also for letting me know how much some themes SUCKED!!!

Guessing that's what friends are for :)

So to new beginnings and foundations and endeavours and here's to hoping that I can maintain this blog. Its been and uphill and it still feels like one, but you never know what the future holds and brings.

[damn i sound so cliche ;) ]

Please all friends change your link love to this brandnew spanking one.

Check out the new Insights at

to all those who endlessly frequented this blog i love and adore you and really need your traffic in the new place though you may notice its very slowly getting to what I want :)

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