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Kika-sack, Glaceau and 27 Dinner

So last nights 27 Dinner finally prompted me to blog. I know it’s been ages but something is brewing so watch this space. ;)

On another note the 27 Dinner was a bit different from normal. It was the 270second Unconference and a whole lot of babbling including some interesting points. That and we were treated to some amazing magic. So can’t really complain can I? and I got to see Heidi, Snappingturtle and gang again.

Meeting up with them is a rare so I look forward to these events just to reconnect.

Nic in his post a few days ago mentioned the Safari trip he was treated to by Glaceau for their new drink VitaminWater. The 27 Dinner gave us all a chance to get our grubby hands on some free samples and well Heidi made sure she had the one for a major hangover. Still need to ask her if it worked. I got my hands on the red coloured one they aptly label XXX (triple antioxidants). With the naming the drink I have to say that who ever did their marketing came up with some hilarious explanations to the drinks names.

Mine reads

“c’mon get your mind out of the gutter; we only named this drink xxx because it had the power of triple antioxidants …”

Hope you can read the full thing on the picture below.

But I have a small problem with these drinks. How would I know its actually working? I understand you can most probably figure it out with the hangover one but what about the others? Also mine tastes like Squeez n Drink. Remember those lovely drinks growing up. I’m not saying that it tasting like that is a bad thing, actually it’s a good thing in my case, because I adored the Squeez n Drink range esp. the Red one like my XXX. But it makes me wonder then if the vitamin water is actually doing what it should be.

I have to say though that it was awesome to actually see the bottle filled to the top – touching the cap [see pic]. That is a rare attribute in any case whether its drinks or chips or any product.

Another awesome, brill point to my week is that I finally got to the post office and picked up my collector’s item FREE Kika-Sack box. Thanks thanks thanks guys.

Haven’t played this in ages but it will be good to get back into tapping around [though as a girl I am pretty pathetic lol]. I love footy and I loved attempting this during my campus days. I think I managed 2 taps before it hit the ground but I promised the guys at Kika-Sack that I will try my hand at it and video it as well. Yes you can ca

tch the next comedy routine hitting your feeds soon ;).

3 Tattooed my Soul:

Anonymous said...

glad you enjoyed the content on the label!

glaceau vitaminwater is meant to be used as a part of a balanced diet.

we can't say that it is going to give you super muscles and turn you into a superhero, but it can help those who aren’t getting sufficient nutrients from their everyday diets to take a step toward better health.

glaceau is best served chilled! has some info on our range, as well as when's the best part of the day to specific variants.

Anonymous said...

ooh, i want to try some of that!
oooh...i like your kiak-sack box!
oooh, i'm full of ooooh's.


ZK said...

@glaceau_sa i didn't suggest that it would lead to superhuman-ness :) but was wondering on how i would measure the drink and against what would i measure it?
checked out the site :)

@mangoesandmint you need to visit me :P and you can play with the kika-sacks :) and ooohing and aahing in welcomed just don't over kill ;)

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