Tag...you it!!!

So Mrs M&M decided it was time to play a little tagging… the resultant factor is found below :)

The catch is to list 7 things that I love and then tag bloggers with the same thing and they should then download the image and upload it to their blog.

1. Beach/ocean/sea/swimming
2. Friends
3. Soccer, rugby, cricket [sports]
4. Travelling
5. Night sky filled with stars and the moon
6. Gorgeous nature and sunrises and sunsets
7. ICE CREAM and more time with friends just chilling

So now I have to tag people but that’s too hard so only tagging a few but everyone else who reads this has to do it and let me know

Btw Mrs M&M is right…listing only 7 fav things is difficult…

Tag you it: @SnowGooseSA, @Mylifescape, @nikistarfish, @Nafisa1, @Philly_girl

2 Tattooed my Soul:

Nafisa said...

Ok, here's mine:

1. Magnum Mini almond :)
2. Sushi
3. Spending Friday night indoors
4. Dismantling things
5. London - I'd go again and again
6. Meeting friends I've made online
7. Getting spoilt by my husband

There are loads of other things I could have put, but the simple things are the most enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

1.) Random connections
2.) Unexpected kindness
3.) Unpretentious beauties
4.) A hearty laugh attached to a quirky smile
5.) A sentence that melts my heart
6.) Kissy bites and tail wags
7.) Homemade buttery crepes

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